Example of a Course Work on Health Care Issues

Date:  2021-06-15 03:16:57
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Discuss your position regarding access to and coverage for health care.

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All citizens have the right to access to and coverage for the healthcare. Healthcare needs to be considered as a right, rather than a privilege. Every one of us men, women and children in the society we should be entitled to access to the health care regardless of the income status. There should be a system that will not only favor the millionaires and the billionaires but also for all of the US citizens. Health insurance cover should be available even if one loss or change their employment. The health access and coverage system should be focused on offering quality treatment to the people instead of the focusing at making profits.

Are we obligated to provide access to and coverage for health care for all Americans as an entitlement (a right), or should health care be considered a commodity that is subject to the influences of economic, social, and market demand (supply and demand)?

Health care services should not be viewed as consumer goods, instead of as the universal right, hence access to health care services should not be a privilege.

As it was once articulated by Ted Kennedy, the U.S. Senator on 2003: Health care is not just another commodity. It is not a gift to be rationed based on the ability to pay. It is time to make universal health insurance a national priority so that the basic right to health care can finally become a reality for every American"

It is a moral obligation for the society to offer basic health care to everyone, rather than being a product to be sold to the ones who take it as the product, something that needs to be sold and bought, while it remains unobtainable for the individuals who lack the means to purchase the healthcare services. In the past centuries, most of the enacted US policies were focused on creating the new programs for funding the health care. Medicaid and Medicare promoted access to health care to the population that is highest vulnerable, who include the disabled, elderly and the low-income people. However, most of the Americans are being blocked from accessing the healthcare, mainly because they lack health insurance yet it is cost a lot. They are exempted even from the most basic healthcare (Healthcare, 2017).

Discussion Prompt 2

What are the barriers to nurses' participation in the development of health care policy at the state or national level or in an organization in the United States? Why do you think these are barriers?

Barriers to nurses' participation in the development of health care policy include the negative image of nursing; lack of involvement; lack of structures; and resources. The barriers influence nurse leaders' ability to be politically active in influencing health policy development, they also prevent the participation of the nurses into the health policy (Bauchner, 2017).


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