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Five months ago, I never thought I would be writing a reflective analysis, not as if I knew what it was either. As an English learner, I've always felt some way towards my English classes. I remember always telling people back in middle school that writing was my hardest class because I couldn't come up with ideas to write about, and that followed me all the way till high school. It was here at UAB where I started seeing writing as a way to express myself and create a word of my own. Since I've been here, I've learned to put meaning into my novels, analyze papers more in-depth and focused more on the techniques, rhetorical moves, purposes of documents instead of the only thing I was used to in high school which was length, thesis, and grammar. Each paper had its meaning, and each thought me different things. I had to see each of them with a different point of view to get the whole purpose and picture of its words. Thought my favorite out of the four was the literacy narrative. Reflecting, I have gained known not only how to write but also to understand writing and be part of a story.

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Literacy narrative has made it possible for me to express myself through writing because it has helped me to plan and organize my thoughts and to put down my oral ideas on paper. I have learned to write creatively, that is to transit from the reality to the fantasy world. Literacy writing has been essential to me in reflecting about ideas and expressing the inner self freely because they have taught me to express emotions through words and to connect with the characters as I retell the story in a different unique way. Narrative writing has made me focus on the particular emotions leading to the occurrence of activity that arouses emotional reaction. Such experiences have shaped my book, and how I write in college now is meaningful with insight. Through writing literacy narratives, I have learned to develop characters and be part of a story and to feel the mood in a story.

Rhetorical analysis has assisted me in analyzing a paper by appealing to ethics, emotions, and logic. I have learned that authors use rhetoric as a persuasive device or a technique to convey to the reader with meaning with a goal of persuading them to change their point of view regarding an idea. Through studying rhetoric analysis, I have learned to be flexible in thinking and consider a topic from all perspectives. For instance, Jean Twenge, a psychology professor, uses rhetoric as a device to persuade parents about the demerits of smartphones on their children. I use rhetorical analysis a tool for interaction between me, the text and the audience to write effectively. To develop my writing skills, ethics appeal to the credibility on the topic I write about; I should give the audience a reason to believe in me - the pathos appeal to emotions that is the emotional reaction of my audience in regards to the arguments I provide. The logos appeal to logic that is the cognitive ability of the writer. The ideas I write about ought to be rational to persuade the audience to a particular perspective.

The food visual analysis paper has been essential in explaining how physical presentation such as color, composition, and symbols are necessary for persuading the audience. I am more familiar with how artists use the tricks to come up with a response from the reader, such as the creation of the indispensable envisions greater and more noticeable and the insignificant ones to be faded. You can also easily recognize colors that are symbolic, such as red to mean danger, white peace, and green nature. Visual Analysis Papers require a clear representation and explanation of the symbol with an assessment of the visual elements of the whole idea to get to understand how the author merge arrangements, symbols, and color to create meaning. In writing, the color will affect where the audience focuses their attention; dull colors will be annoying to the audience whereas very bright colors will change the eyes of the audience. The artist should use colors that are and appealing. The symbols that I use as a writer should be meaningful and go hand in hand with the message are trying to pass.

The visual analysis tends to speak a message by just looking at the image, the symbol or the color that is the physical appearance should be a mirror, it should reflect the letter that is written. The Visual analysis is a thorough inquiry means that is dependent on the use of symbols and elements to convey information. These visual envisions consist of color, photography, drawings, paintings, and symbols. In my experience since I started writing, I have learned to use visual research to persuade an audience. As a writer, I use symbols to represent ideas and to awaken emotions in the reader, for example, Cereal boxes with mascots or logos looking down in the cover as in looking straight at a little kid.

As an English student, my writing skills have developed since I came to college. I have learned to bring out the meaning by blending artistic devices with elements of writing to improve my writing skills. What I have learned about my writing, analysis skills, and critical reading skills through the process of substantially revising the rhetorical essay for this final project as well as through the rest of my work this semester has been effective in challenging my writing skills. I question me as a writer by reading more extensively and sometimes disagreeing with other people's points of view. I have mastered the use of rhetoric, visual analysis and literacy narratives for the betterment of my writing skills now and in the future. College writing has developed my ability as a writer; it increased my confidence as a writer. This visual food analysis and the rhetoric analysis have contributed positively to how I express my ideas in writing.

This semester, the knowledge I have gained concerning writing is much. Looking back, I did not like writing as I never knew how to collect my thoughts and ideas together. I did not see the purpose of writing skills; however, college writing was of great help in helping in the book of essays and papers and in writing literacy narratives which consists telling a tale in my unique way based on my knowledge. Now, I know how to use rhetoric and visual images to persuade the reader to see an idea from my point of view and also to come up with ideas and to organize my thoughts. The experience I have gained has also helped in blending my reading skills with my writing skills, part of the writing skills I have acquired consist of proper mastery of vocabulary. Writing is an integral part of conveying my ideas, and the way I write my message to my readers reflects the success or failure of imparting knowledge or changing the reader's point of view. By using rhetorical and symbols, it is easy to persuade your readers through writing.

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