Essay Sample: It Is Darkest Just Before Dawn

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Date:  2021-04-01

One could smell the sense of great optimism among the people. Many people had gathered around the wall, both young and old, males and females, tall and short. Cheers and jubilant mood could be heard from afar. This was it. The day that the wall, the famous or rather infamous Berlin wall demolition would officially start was finally here. A little flashback would go a long way in explaining the source of excitement among the crowd that had turned up for this great fete in Germany. The cold war between the communist and capitalist had a big consequence on Germany and I mean really big as an iron curtain had been erected to divide the country into two. The construction had taken place over the years and couldn't believe that the leaders were not seeing the mistake they were making. Of course the technology was not much advanced in this era so the construction was carried out slowly. This is going to take us forever to finish to build a deep voice could be heard from a group of busy workers haphazardly carrying construction material on their backs that seemed to weigh in on them. I was in the military then and was tasked with protecting the construction workers. This is the separating Berlin wall that divided the country into two whose demolition and consequent unification of the country ultimately led the country to be what it is today: a great country.

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Every morning they would set in with their ragged clothes with no smiles on their faces. Most of them were heavily built and the few who were small were the foremen and the engineers. They would normally shout instructions amidst the deafening noise of the construction machines. We have to finish the foundation up to this part before it is dusk one of the foremen would shout to the visibly tired workers who were drenched in sweat after a long day of work. I had seen it all. The hard work to divide the country into two. Though one could not openly say it, it was a sad reality. I remember vividly one morning while doing the occasional patrol I noticed what looked like a sack of garbage from afar. It was near the wall and when we got closer it is when it dawned on us it was a human body. From the broken limbs, scratched face and tattered clothes it became apparent that the person had been killed by the wall or rather his death had resulted from trying to cross the wall. To make it all sad, this was a young man with a long life ahead of him. The disappointment in our faces was clear for everyone to see. This is what the wall had brought to us. Division and then death. Death in our big and united Germany community.

As I had mentioned earlier, this day was not a small fete to the people of Germany and this can be seen from the paragraph above. From where I stood, I could see couples, young and old couples holding hands eager to cross to the other side with gleeful smiles on their faces. After partly it was demolished there were streams of people running to either sides and hugging people randomly. One guy randomly hugged me and could feel his happiness somehow diffuse into me. This marked the unification of my beloved Germany country. Ever since we have continued to grow economically, socially and politically. This separation played a big part in us acknowledging the importance and the need of being together. Festivals and sports have been embraced ever since with a view of promoting more integration and the ever smiling faces of people in the busy and crowded streets of cities in this country says it all there need to be said about this country. Sometimes I find myself unknowingly smiling when I catch a glimpse of small children playing in the football fields while doing a walk in the clean streets. This is my country, my unified country that has defied all odds to become one of the global leaders in various fronts. We are going to accommodate refugees from other countries Merkels; our chancellor, firm voice could be heard from my old radio one evening. I couldn't help but think this is what humanity is all about. Being receptive and tolerant of other people and especially less fortunate. This is what makes Germany a great country. Articles in various international media on our country's efforts towards green energy and environmental conservation always make me beam with joy. People here are mindful of future generations and do not only think of their welfare. A group of teenagers excitingly asked me to take a picture of them with a landmark in the background. There broken Germany made me smile involuntarily. What made me happier was the many visitors that roamed the beautiful streets of our country without apprehension of any sort. Technological development in various areas has been mind-blowing. Need I point out that most of the efficient machines do hail from this country? The beauty of the forests that grace the countryside forming never ending canopies to the eyes and the beautiful hills that have numerous windmills on them. The beautiful and winding roads that cut through these hills and the occasional group of farmers that can be seen in their fields toiling to make a living. All this is beauty that has been unified from a divided nation.

In a nutshell, Germany is really a country where I belong and its sheer beauty really makes me proud. The friendliness of the people, the beauty of the cities, especially during sunsets and sunsets, the efficiency of the services and transport systems, you name the mall, Germany has it all. The division and unification, which I have witnessed, has played a fair role in spurring on this country to greater heights. As a result Germany has grown to be the best country in the world and rightly vindicates that it is darkest before dawn.

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