Essay Sample on Unlock the Power of Reading: Theories and Concepts to Enhance Learning

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Date:  2023-03-26


Learning in a human being occurs in various ways, such as reading, writing, observing, and experiments. Individuals engage in learning activities for multiple purposes, such as the acquisition of knowledge and entertainment. Reading offers the most effective platform to fulfil the desires of people as they engage in learning. Various factors enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of reading as part of learning activities.

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Theories and Concepts of Reading

There are multiple theories and concepts associated with reading as an element of learning. The idea of reading aims at determining the importance of reading among human beings. Through reading, individuals understand other people's perspectives in different situations (Winter 2019). Therefore, it equips people with the knowledge on how to handle a similar situation in their case. Additionally, reading enables people to learn about new things and places in the world. As a result, the people acquire a wide range of information on different areas, thus embracing the diversity of the world and its contents (Winter 2019). Reading also enables individuals to understand themselves and their experiences. This aspect is achieved through the reading of fictional materials where individuals put themselves in the character or the incidence in the narrative. Consequently, people get to understand themselves, their thoughts, and their feelings. Primarily, reading contributes significantly to the development of an individual's knowledge of themselves, the world as well as the other people in the community.

Different researchers have studied the concepts of reading and have developed several theories that are associated with the activity of learning. Comprehension theory is among the approaches that have been developed to describe the reading process. Active reading is determined by the comprehension ability of the reader rather than the memorizing and repetition of the contents (Bausells, 2016). Therefore, the readers should ensure they comprehend the material to enhance active learning as the primary goal of reading. For instance, when reading stories, individuals should ensure they understand the flow and the content of the narrative to acquire the intended information. Stories are developed in a way that they relate to our day to day activities as well as events (Short 2012). Therefore, the readers should ensure they have the understanding to be able to relate to their situations and to get the intended purpose of reading.

Another notable theory that is associated with reading is the socio-cultural approach. This theory helps the readers to relate the content of their reading with their relationships with the world (Barbara 1968). Therefore, as people read any content, they should incorporate the cultural aspect to ensure they relate the incidences rightly. As a result, individuals can develop the world and make it a better place. Additionally, the relation of the stories to the instances enables the readers to embrace the social, cultural diversity of the world (Bruner 1987). For example, if a man reads a story that relates to women closely, they can embrace the female gender and their social impacts in the world. Ideally, the social, cultural theory of reading describes the relationship between people and reading content.

Areas to Develop Learning Further

Reading is a behaviour that is instilled in people at a young age. However, as one grows, they develop new methods and concepts of reading to enhance the learning process. In my case, there are various areas that I still need to develop in reading. Having pleasure in reading is an area that I would like to develop to enhance my learning. I struggle much to read educational content as I find them not entertaining. Another area I would want to build my learning further is the establishment of reading skills. I have poor reading habits since I have no particular schedule for the same. I would also want to develop a vocabulary mastery system that would enable me to use them in my learning procedures. Additionally, I would also want to build my memory capacity to accommodate a wide range of information I acquire while reading. These developments will significantly contribute to my learning and knowledge.

The Link Between My Profession and What I Learned

The information I have acquired by learning the importance of learning effectively links to my profession as a Nurse. The information has served as an eye-opener on the benefits of reading a wide range of contents. Through reading, I have learned that I will be able to know the trends in the world concerning the health sector. As a nurse, reading will be able to help me improve the quality of health care services that I offer to the patients. Additionally, reading will enable me to gather more knowledge about the relationships of other people in the world. As a nurse, therefore, reading contributes significantly to the improvement of my skills in the profession.


In a nutshell, reading is an important culture that every individual needs to acquire. Through reading, people gain knowledge about themselves, the world, and other people. Reading as a comprehensive aspect is an approach that enhances learning among individuals. Additionally, reading promotes the social, cultural elements of the world, thus enabling the readers to embrace the diversity around the globe. Primarily, reading is interesting and significantly contributes to further learning among individuals.

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