Essay Sample on Maximizing Performance: How to Convince Your Employer to Favor You

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Date:  2023-09-25


Many organizations need well efficient employees for them to function smoothly. Many CEOs would instead choose employees whose performance is satisfactory than employees who have low returns. They usually look for ways of motivating high performing employees and do away with poor performers. As an employee, you will have to convince the employer by the efforts you put on your task for you to be favored. Many companies are doing yanking forced ranking because of the various benefits it holds. This practice has assisted many companies in removing employees that perform poorly and reward top performers. Performance management practices are what managers consider in many firms.

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Forced ranking is the most commonly used tool for top firms in the globe (Grote, 2005). Examples of companies that use this performance management tool include Ford Motor Company and Microsoft. Such companies use this tool to rank their employees in levels. The best employees are paid the best while the rest who do not perform effectively are frequently warned or fired. Employees that are talented in their field are usually given more responsibilities. However, this management tool demands a higher level of accountability. Every employer requires that the company performs the best. No manager can tolerate mediocrity among the employees. No wonder employees who are not competitive are removed.

Performance Review

Yahoo Company consultant states that employees who perform highly are given higher chances to work in the company. The program of the firm, Quarterly performance review, did this. This, however, harmed the company since many employees were laid off immediately. The forced ranking has also been used to promote internal competition among the employees. This has motivated the employees to work hard and improve in their field. Amazon Company did well in helping domestic competition through its organizational-level review. However, the challenge was that the managers were forced to lay off employees in each performance review.

Adobe Company also cannot be left behind. It also embraced yanking forced ranking in its organization (Adsit et al., 2018). It employed a higher level of technology ranking process for its employees. The company aimed to ensure that its employees were well talented and their performances improved. The major challenge was that employee’s performance reduced despite given enough time. The managers also became less accountable and, somehow, low performance tolerated. According to Adobe's vice president, this performance management tool did not encourage teamwork and employee development. It mainly focused on employees competing with each other and past performance.

Many organizations experience many problems when dealing with their employees. However, there are always solutions to every problem that arises. It depends on the techniques the firm uses to solve the problem. One of the issues that many companies such as Adobe experience is lack of teamwork (Friedrick et al., 2019). Collaboration is very crucial in an organization, and without it, an organization may fall. Lack of cooperation among employees and the managers in Adobe Company made this yanking forced ranking ineffective. It made employees compete with each other instead of working together. Too much emphasis on performance is what has led to employees not to develop teamwork.


Lack of teamwork has led to many conflicts within an organization (Baker et al., 2006). This is due to a lack of clear and well-set defined goals in an organization. This is the primary reason why there is underperformance in a company. For instance, Adobe Company did not encourage teamwork and comply with its employees' goals. Sometimes companies make unrealistic goals, which make employees not to work effectively. Poor communication also promotes a lack of cooperation in an organization. Employees will also be frustrated and confused when there is no teamwork, and when the firm demands perfection in their work.

Another thing that causes lack o teamwork is the lack of accountability and transparency. It is clear that when employees work as a team, the organization will benefit a lot. The employees will become more active, and the firm will be able to solve many problems. However, to have good teamwork, employees should not be forced to do something that may not be good. Managers should also clarify roles for employees so that there will be no confusion. The company's goals should be specific, clear, measurable, and achievable, which will make teamwork meaningful.


In brief, the paper has tried to address the most commonly used performance management tool in organizations. It has discussed why companies practice forced ranking. Various companies have used this tool. They include Ford Motor Company, Amazon, and Adobe. The reason discussed was that most of these companies were performance-based. It has talked about that most companies would reward top performers with a good paycheck and lay off the weak performers. Finally, the paper has addressed one of the problems in an organizational framework and recommendation in solving it.


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