Essay Sample on Understanding Student Success Programs in Schools

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Date:  2023-01-30


The main academic goal for a variety of schools is the success of the students taught in various learning institutions. To ensure that this is achieved, several programs have been developed. For instance, the High Schools That Work (HSTW) and Danielson's framework of Teaching are two programs that enable effective teaching to students, which in turn would lead to success, a factor determined through examinations (Young, 2011). As a result, this paper aims at reviewing the benefits of HSTW regarding academic achievement and how the key practice of HSTW align with Danielson's teaching framework.

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High Schools That Work

Firstly, HSTW can be defined as a program that enables students to succeed in mastering rigorous technical and academic studies, provided that a suitable environment is created by education leaders. In the light of this definition, it is clear that the goal of this program is to ensure that students experience continued progress and proceed with their studies to colleges, advanced training, or even their careers. The core benefit of HSTW is to motivate students to learn and achieve academic success (Young, 2011). When a suitable learning environment is created by education leaders, students would have all the necessary resources to enhance their learning, which would motivate them to study hard and experience academic progress. Fewer cases of school dropouts would be registered as most students leave school at early ages due to lack of motivation, a factor that may be caused by a lack of resources and harsh learning environments.

Secondly, the program connects the students to the real world. HSTW is responsible for ensuring that students get an understanding of the real world and how they require higher education to solve real-world crisis (Perry, 2016). As a result, students would be able to concentrate on their studies, to gain all the technical and practical skills that education can offer, to help them solve the real-world crisis. To ensure that students' progress in terms of academic performance, HSTW proposes that there should be strong adult-student relationships since most adults tend to be the real role models to these students. As a result, a positive relationship between the latter two usually leads to the motivation of a student, which in turn leads to academic success. A positive relationship also reduces the barrier between the student and the teacher in terms of fear, leading to an interactive mode of study, which is usually preached in schools that aim at improved academic progress. To improve on the student-teacher relationship, regular meetings should be held where issues affecting both the groups in a learning institution are addressed effectively.

The third benefit that HSTW yields regarding academic progress are the provision of an integrated model of learning. In High Schools that Work, primary and secondary learning institutions are integrated in a manner that offers hope to students of progressing their education, once they succeed in completion and passing of their current education status (Perry, 2016). The latter is often achieved through shared learning institutions where students can interact with their elders or younger ones, offering hope and sharing knowledge in a way or the other. As a result, hope can be created, and students would aspire to become successful in their studies, to be able to pursue higher learning, which is required in a majority of career fields today. As a result, HSTW can be declared very beneficial in the quest of obtaining sustainable academic progress.

Danielson's Teaching Framework

As mentioned earlier, Danielson's framework of teaching is also crucial in ensuring that academic progress is achieved. The framework is aligned with the key practices of HSTW. Some of these key practices include career and technical studies, working together of teachers, Guidance, continuous improvement culture, active engagement of students, learning that is work-based, among others (Perry, 2016). These key practices are in alignment with Danielson's teaching framework aim, which is the identification of the responsibilities that teachers bear in ensuring that the learning of students is improved in a significant manner. Danielson's encourages teachers to be professional, self-access themselves, and reflect on the strategies that they apply in teaching. Danielson's teaching framework is also responsible for the hiring and recruitment of teachers based on their professional qualifications (Galloway, 2018). Professionally trained teachers would ensure that quality education is received by students, which is in accordance with the key practices that are promoted by HSTW. Technical skills and career information is crucial to students. Teachers trained through the Danielson's framework can effectively impart the technical skills required by students to be able to survive in Real World. As a result, both the programs are very beneficial in ensuring the sustainable goal of academic progress is achieved.


It's evident how the two previously discussed concepts are crucial in improving academic performance. Teachers should be taught on how to develop positive student-teacher relationships to ensure that a positive learning environment is created. Teachers should be hired according to their professional qualification, which defines their abilities to provide the necessary skills required in ensuring the success of students, academically.


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