Essay Sample on Equip Teachers & Students: Culture, Perception & Learning

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Date:  2023-01-02


It is necessary to equip teachers and students as well with the pedagogy since these are the initial steps of communication for later to be spread to others in society. This promotes an excellent connection for all.

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Regarding the argument, it is true that culture is the origin word for culturally which implies the way of living of people. Different groups do have different cultures. Perception is usually progressed from one generation to the next through learning. Gloria Ladson -Billings was the initiator of this pedagogy that purposes to equip students intellectually, socially, emotionally and politically by use of cultural referents for imparting of knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Culturally relevant pedagogy multicultural settings or cross-cultural teaching.

Culturally is a way of relating customs and social behavior among different communities. This is to assist in describing the arts of an individual society to intellects with their achievements. Relevant implies that these customs are closely related. Pedagogy is the modality in which the practice of teaching either academically or theoretical concept passed to influence the growth of learners. Through this study of knowledge and skills are delivered as well - the effects of culturally relevant pedagogy to students and society at large.

It is essential to note the emphasis on the argument that culturally relevant pedagogy can generally be described as a form of teaching that is grounded in teachers' who project cultural competence. This can also be termed as central learning that involves various roles through this method tutors encourage the students to relate the course content to his/her cultural context originally acquired during parenting.

It is worth finding out that, culturally responsive pedagogy is of considerable significance inclusive of students' cultural referencing within all the aspects of learning. It is essential to have competent teachers for future who have to be culturally relevant to meet the needs of their students who happen to come from diverse cultural backgrounds. This form of education is necessary for these teacher candidates for it plays an essential role in equipping the student teacher in communicating and receiving information and

Besides, the shaping of mental reasoning process of various groups and individual persons. These form of education do create equal and accessible opportunities for learning for students from all cultural practices.

The aim for this mode of teaching is to create equal earning opportunities for the diversified range of students irrespective of their gender, race-ethnic groups or even primary language. This equally important motive for the pedagogy is to enhance the idea of teaching for social justice. When these teachings are due, there is an aspect of positive traits on both parents and families at large.

Through this engagement with the pedagogy, an individual is in apposition to get a clear understanding of beliefs, values, and behaviors portrayed from different cultures. The students are guided on how to overcome these differences by being made to understand other people shaped by their lifestyles.


In conclusion, responding to culturally diverse of linguistic and cultural differences researchers and teachers perceive that education should be adapted to match these cultures which they bring with them home thus promoting social interactions amongst themselves. A proven form of pedagogy for students from diversified racial and ethnic groups this reflects the need to fill in the gap between traditional education and western education system. This experience is believed to range from primary to secondary and now also targeting college levels thus promote a unified society. The success of the organization can be proclaimed where students color is no longer the minority and also how teachers deliver information.


Ladson-Billings, G. (1995). Toward a theory of culturally relevant pedagogy. American educational research journal, 32(3), 465-491.

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