Online Learning as a More Effective Tool in Distance Learning Essay Example

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Date:  2022-12-06


The very beginning of human education, one learnt the trade they found their lineage practising. One was either a gatherer or a hunter. Within each of those subgroups, families had roles with some assuming those of formidable warriors, rulers, medical practitioners among many other roles. Education of a community was an easy fete then, passed from generation to generation through cultural practices and traditions. Apprenticeship the served purpose of education. Human civilizations and the development of writing gave chance to recording findings and provided a means to explore those findings and to disseminate the knowledge to generations. Having the means to store knowledge could arguably be the start of a transformative education system. Every event that drastically contributed to the change seen in the world today also shaped the education pursuit experienced. The digital era has had its tools whose innovative use sees a shift in the learning experience.

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The advent of e-learning saw studies, qualitative, surveys, and quantitative, conducted in a bid to predict or measure the effectiveness of this new method compared to the traditional face-to-face approach. These studies have arguably consisted of analyses of arguments that continue to form around e-learning. These arguments include general public opinions, practitioners' opinions, policy briefs, and empirical researches. Being a relatively new field, conducting studies has brought forth a body of new knowledge and metrics to act as predictors of the impacts online learning achieves in its rolling out (Abrami et al.). This essay discusses online learning as a more effective tool in distance learning. It will achieve this by assessing the factors in the most recent past that continue to make online learning more appealing than the traditional school setting. Further, it discusses the features of e-learning that contribute to the perceived or measured benefits of online writing. Finally, it will explore the benefits of e-learning. The effectiveness of online learning and technology use is highest in distance learning. This claim will be supported by data and figures.


More than any other time in history, there are more reasons to take on online learning. Internet connectivity is at an all-time high, accessible even on mobile technologies. Innovation has further pushed institutions to pursue unconventional approaches in efforts to satisfy the ever-changing needs. The traditional education systems have built new systems that incorporate some aspects of online learning where the students use the technology as opposed to manipulation of technology by the teachers. This approach is in efforts to create networked communities for students to make learning interactive and collaborative. While these tenets of technology-laden education system may seem new, they are the very ethos top universities and colleges seek to achieve. However, geographical inaccessibility coupled with the right resources makes for a full distance learning mode of studies. Additionally, the economic situation in many parts of the world keeps getting harder every other day. Therefore, learning has taken a dimension where it happens concurrently with other income generating activities.

In recent times, the political atmosphere in America and Europe could inspire an upsurge of online learning. The election campaign messages and the subsequent election of President Trump introduced an administration with unfavourable immigration policies. These policies promised to cut immigrants coming to the US by half. The meaning here is that students who could enrich the educational encounter of US citizens through their diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences and worldviews would be denied access. The option left for these students is online studies accessing them from their countries of origin. Further, Brexit, which describes the United Kingdom's departure from the European Union and the associated common market continues to inspire fear among international students since it signals an end to the freedom of movement. Similar to the United States, more students are looking to accessing their institutions of learning remotely to circumvent the barriers imposed on them by political dealings.


While the twenty-first century finds a myriad of uses for the technology at hand, it is not obvious that success in one field or in one community guarantees success in the other. Technology use has diverse outcomes just like us. The educational applications of technology face similar challenges that the level of education or a specific course design can only have aspects of online learning but would face challenges were it taken wholly online. Assessing online learning in terms of the level of learning, the very initial levels that are formative in a child's learning require specific attention and May not need any technology use other than by the teacher. Over time technological aspects may be introduced and even take some courses online. Therefore, there are features of e-learning that if take into consideration during a course design would give room for its success taken on an online platform and remotely (Adams, and Hamm).

Areas of e-learning. Fields of study have evolved into a myriad of subjects paying detailed attention to the intricacies of each one of them. Some have had a theoretical approach since inception where the students ability to explain and apply concepts appropriately suffice to pass the necessary skills. Others have relied heavily on the practical aspects. Such courses design can only offer some elements on online studies but the learners have at one point to avail themselves for practical assessments at a designated place. Furthermore, some courses are under the scrutiny of professional bodies that lay strict guidelines on how students seeking recognition as professionals in a certain field should pursue their studies. Therefore, purely theoretical coursework, e-learning forms one of the best tools to disseminate knowledge and consequently to generate new knowledge (Assie-Lumumba). Critically assessed, online learning could provide a richer education platform as it brings views and the experiences of different individuals from diverse background nations and with different experiences.

Types of learners. Much online learning apportions more attention to the general population and little or none too special needs and gifted learners. These challenges arise owing to the unique attention that needed with the special needs and gifted learners to achieve the same fete compared to the general population of learners. Nonetheless, each student equipped with the right technology, e-learning is easily achievable with measurable results in the calibre of professionals it is able to bring prepare for the economies.

As previously mentioned above, learners at the lower cadres of education, the system may not require the e-learning besides for instructional purposes by the teachers. This is a formative stage where the teacher-student contact is paramount. Therefore, one the characteristics of an online learning Programme that could help predict the impact and consequently effectiveness, is the target students the course aims to serve (Assie-Lumumba). Additionally, the self-discipline and motivation of a student who chooses to enrol in an online course, and more so remotely, is a huge enabler to the success of online courses. The drive and resolve is not a mean fete to achieve. Therefore, even the maturity level of learners is an important factor to consider while attempting introducing an online course.

Technological use. Extensive research has found that a student's ability to manipulate technology is more preferable than the teachers are. More and more education systems taking up such an approach would mean that teachers only have to facilitate an interaction platform, step back, and watch the students learn from one another. Moreover, through technological tools when implemented appropriately, they carry the power to beneficial to student's learning and development of superior thinking skills. However, while there is a lot of potentially spoken about in e-learning, little empirical research exists to support these claims. Nonetheless, sustained and extensive support for technological tools goes a long way to guarantee the effectiveness of online learning.


Achievement. The advent of online learning has seen many adults complete their studies while still in their workplace. Online learning has, therefore, revolutionized learning for employees those seeking personal development for whatever reason. Even for entrepreneurs seeking additional knowledge and skills to serve their situation, online line learning has been the go-to technological tool. This innovativeness has enabled employers, employees and entrepreneurs to retain relative stability and still maintain focus on their income generating activities.

Satisfaction. In order to assess the level of satisfaction, e-learning affords students, looking at the positives that emanate from engaging in this unconventional learning method. Firstly, online learning platforms optimize such that they serve the student first. Students have dashboard access of all their resources, all accessible at the touch of a button without queues (Dror). Furthermore, students can access all these facilities made available to them from anywhere provided they are on the right infrastructure. Secondly, through online learning, it is possible to complete a course within the stipulated time or less. For instance, a four-year degree course could be completed in three years. The advent of online learning revolutionized the classroom, as we know it, bringing positive change to the classroom. Today, it is possible to go through college without the disruption of, say, student unrests or rowdy peers. Individuals can now choose a more productive space and time to take their classes and tests. This aspect adds e-learning to a long list of educational systems that have tapped on different aspects of learning for their methods to emerge as effective.

Retention. Given the flexibility afforded students taking online courses, most of them successfully complete their courses. For instance, an employee working a tight schedule does not need to drop out of college but instead, they can plan for a time that suits their schedule for a different period within their course of study. The sum total of all the benefits derived from online courses contributes to college retention rates. While this proposition may be true, there empirical research on the subject matter fails to provide any data (Dror).

Cost. Owing to the flexible learning nature accorded the students, educational costs met by the students are also substantially low. For instance, international students can choose do not have to spend on air tickets and study visas travelling to their college of choice in order to complete a course of study. Furthermore, they do not need separate accommodation and meals from their families since their mode of study does not require them to shift location but just a reorganization of their time and priorities. It is possible the only cost met could be tuition, textbooks and another one off administrative fees. Therefore, cost-saving arising from online learning, therefore, contributes towards making this mode of studies even more effective.


It is a wonder whether the development of education as it is known today ever envisioned a time when it pursuit would be done remotely. Human civilization yet again pushed its limits through the advent of technological tools with application in virtually every sphere of human life. Education is a central an...

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