Essay Sample on Pediatric-Clinical-Child-Services: Critical for Child Well-Being

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Date:  2023-01-02


The existence of pediatric clinical child services is very vital, especially for the lives of children who may not be in a position to obtain the family care that any other would wish. This may result due to a number of reasons; the death of the parents, parents being irresponsible due to either due to genuine reasons like inadequate resources and funds to cater for all the necessities or due to ignorance occasions. Having the knowledge of chances for occurrences of such challenges, it may be unfair to ignore the little ones who pass through such situations. As a result, this led to the introduction of pediatric clinical services led by a group of pediatricians who ensures that children up to the age of 21 years are nurtured well and provided with all the required basics to help them achieve their dreams and feel as part and parcel with other children.

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Having worked in a pediatric rotation, I came to realize that I could handle kids more handsomely than the way I had rated myself there before, some of the important facts that I gathered included;

That one has to get sick in the process of dealing with kids. This is because, in the process, one encounters a lot of little and unique germs when tissues and hand sanitizers are occasionally not used. These germs may be new and thus the immune system may be not in a position to fight them back and neutralize their effects.

That you may receive applauses form the patient, parents and the siblings after showing good nurturing skills on them, the applause may be in form of hugs or presents.

That during the treatment process, as a pediatrician, you may face difficulties when dealing with a number of parents for the patients, you may be doing the right treatment , only for a parent to claim that, in the occurrence of a similar situation in the past, the existing provider by them never provided such treatment, it may be case, where you end up losing or winning.

Recently, while dealing with kids, it comes out clearly that the meaning of family and family roles was wrongly interpreted, I believed that the family elders were to be responsible for all their kids and that it was like a rule to them to ensure that the children receive care and protection throughout until they go out by themselves for other activities, however, it is not the case, while in the pediatric rotation, many parents neglected their roles and instead preferred taking their children to pediatric clinics ( Estella et al, 2008, pp. 460-468).

Culture is also an inevitable factor to consider when determining the wellbeing of children in the pediatric clinics, in most cases, the families of the patients fail to consider and accept that with time, there is always the technological advancements that lead to introduction of better methods and procedures that tend to lead to similar results that would have been achieved in the past as well buy use of more of human workforce. It should, therefore, be a duty on the doctors to always ensure that any innovation or invention in form of operation techniques is properly documented and accessed by the willing parents to enhance good communication and understanding between all three parties (doctors, children and their families), this will entirely improve on the effectiveness of the treatment process (Flores, G, 2000, pp. 14-23).

Otherwise, despite the challenges evidenced in the pediatric rotation, personal involvement with children in form of motivation and proper care at all levels helped in building strong relationships with the children and their families as well, the good understanding gave easy time to work at the best level and this facilitated the whole process of achieving the earlier set goals and objectives that had been set at the beginning of duty.

However, with the new experience and skills gathered, I decided to advance and do a professional practice to help in fixing all the problems and provide services that would perfectly satisfy the needs of patients. Before begging the practice, it would be a requirement to restructure the earlier set goals, this is due to the new idea by the American Academy of family physicians and American college of physicians, who suggests that the age limit for the persons in the pediatric clinics should not be limited to 21 but extended to consider those with special needs pediatric health care providers including PNPs, are qualified to assist patients from birth to age 21, special- needs adolescents and young adults older than 21( NAPNAP, 2008). It would be necessary to study the psychology of adults beyond 21years, and adults with special needs too, and not only in children as per what I encountered before. The changes by the National Association of pediatric nurse practitioners (NAPNAP), has called for more duties from the pediatricians, but hopingly, by the end of pursuing the professional practice program, it would be easier to attend to all types of patients, and this will simultaneously improve the level or quality of services being offered to the children in the pediatric clinics.


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