Essay Sample on Obesity is a Health Hazard not a Disease

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Date:  2022-11-27


The mislead urge to pathologize obesity has reflected the society failure to reach a consensus on how the condition can be prevented. Obesity therefore is not a disease but a medical condition that takes place when an individual bears excess weight or excess body fats that may cause serious health consequences to their body. Notably, in most instances, health professionals will always suggest that an individual is inflicted with obesity if they show signs of having high blood index. Essentially a body mass index commonly abbreviated as BMI is a device that health professional use is an individual has a recommended weight matching their age, gender and such factors as height. Therefore obesity is a health hazard, majorly brought by excess weight that could inflict various health consequences on an individual life.

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Many health professionals including doctors have historically been ill-prepared to find a lasting solution to the health hazard of obesity with a tendency of ignoring it. To incorporate the physicians in this serious health condition, the American Medical Association (AMA) of late made public awareness through making declaration that obesity to be a disease. However, the association declaration was misguided since it would imply that the millions of people must henceforth have minds and bodies or both that are not operating properly. Even appearing healthy, though heavy adults and children are now by the declaration deceased. Declaring such a stsnce has serious ramification to the society and hence requires careful reflection. This makes obesity to qualiy as an health hazard and not a disease.

Essentially, as mentioned before, the method for measuring obesity is through the use of BMI tool which involves the incorporation of weight and height. Consequently, for adult individuals, a BMI that is above 30 has been revealed to be associated with high risk of various disability concerns and illness. However, a risk factor which is associated is not a disease since each can take place without any reliance on the other making obesity to be a health hazard not a disease.

In addition, obesity has been categorized as a health condition which is major contributor to the most common burden of chronic diseases, heart diseases and diabetes. this statement shows how obesity causes other disease an health hazard. Notably, not only can the ementioned diseases occur in the absence of obesity, but not all individuals with elevated BMI contats any such condition.

Consequently, grouping obesity as a diseases could cause pernicious effects on the efforts to curb the condition at it true genesis. Therefore obesity does not qualify be categorized as a disease since the treatment of diseases traditionally involves the use of various drugs, medical technologies, clinical visists and various procedures like medical procedures. Therefore is obesity is a disease, the therapeutic advances on which it is managed depends presumably on the aforesaid domains. In real sense this does not hold hence obesity is not a diseseas buit a health hazard.

Heavy Cost Factor

The approach of categorizing obesity as a disease which does not hold would impose heavy cost. Undeniably, obesity many millions of people are affected by this condition both adults and children. Therefore concluding that obesity is a disease, will mean that everyone having this condition would need treatment, drugs and various surgical surgeries. This would inflict a huge fianacial burden and imposing a wide array odf side consequences on the affected overweight population. Even the most efficient drugs are always susceptible to side effects and till date, the management of weight techniques have prompted to rely on anything but the efficient drugs. The long term consequences of surgery are still not known especially for the younger victims and even if surgery could prove sustainably effective for this condition, the urge to relay on the reconfiguration anatomy as an option for better use of forks and feet has seemed as a vital societal travesty. Hence obesity cannot be classified as a disease.

Moreover, the effects of labeling obesity as a diseases has proved to be a price that the medical profession are in a position to cater for to legitimize this condition. Also it may also seem as an attempt to own this condition and enjoy the benefits that accrue as a result of treating it. But unfortunately, it is not a disease. Essentially, human bodies, genes and physiologies are intact as before. What has been altered while obesity has gone for minor to pandemic does not hold, but surrounds many individual. Many people are consuming calories which are irresistible, yet many are awash in labour conservative inventions and various societal mindset aimed at urging people to consume all that they invent


Therefore obesity should be categorized as an health hazard since just like breathing the air, individual capacity to be fat is part of routine physiology. In addition, the splitting line separating the normal and abnormal fact accumulation in one's body has nothing to be associated with fat accumulation per se, however, whether or not the energy reserves, a basics survival method for carnivorous and omnivorous animals are always drawn forth. In many individuals ancestral perspective, they exist; and in the modern perspective , they never exist. Therefore people should not watch and wait for their fellows to be drowned and thereafter devote their focus on the resuscitation process. Meaning obesity can be managed before to inflict various disease into individuals' body.

Many people have placed fences safeguarding their swimming pools, offering swimming guidelines and keeping a close eye on their colleagues not to get drowned by water, but some people still get swept by water. Hence people need medical intervention as well which should come a s a last resort since prevention is at par. There exist many approaches of preventing obesity from occurring which makes it qualify to be categorized as a health hazard and not diseases. These comprise various environmental reforms like food formulation and marketing, physical activity programs being integrated in schools, healthy social reforms and identification of nutritious foods.


In summary, obesity requires medical and cultural and societal respect and legitimacy; however, it is not a disease but a health hazard that should earn. Therefore terming obesity as a disease differs with the functioning of peoples body and inflicts a blame residing on individuals bodies. However, the blame associated with hyperendemic obesity and its efficient remedy dwells not in human bodies that function as they ever were, but all round collectively of all body politic. Hence obesity is not a diseases but a health hazard.


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