Essay Sample on Nurse Staffing and Patient Care Quality and Safety

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For a number of decades, the researchers in the health care services have accounted relations between the treatment staff and the final results of the hospice care. Despite this, in various research studies, nursing care and the staff in nursing were considered as the primary setting variables which are not the core focus of the research. In the year 1990, the National Centre for Nursing study called together a conference which discussed about the outcomes of the studies from the view of effectiveness of nursing practice. The attendants of the conference expected that the formulas for confining the patient's excellence care quantitively got to be more complicated and thus the evidence could lead them to the nursing staff. The nursing staff was expected to be linked with the evidence of the number of hours that they worked and the level of their skills thus there could be proper measurement of patient care and the safety of the patients. Later on after five years, another report articulated that there was evidence that the nursing staffing impacted the acute heed hospice patients' results and thus limiting proof of its effect on the long tenure care results. During the line of the previous decade, there has been sanatorium reshuffle that were spurred by a shift to managed care disbursement formation as well as developments in the market competition among the organizations that deliver healthcare. This lead to aggressive reduction of healthcare costs. The nurse staffing was mainly focused on the redesigning as well as the workforce efforts. Since there is an expected deepened shortage in the near years, has brought the urgency of understanding the results of the nursing staff association and giving the clinicians and healthcare stewards facts concerning the effects of offering care under verified staff regulations. .

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Clear data captions concerning the patients' outcomes is the best form of getting exact, inclusive and consistent data. This advancement of capturing data is the most demanding as it concerns realistic, moral, and monetary considerations. Nevertheless, the scholars are expected to take advantage of prospective information analysis that is already in continuation. Like an example, the pressure ulcers associated with hospital surveys and the falling of patients incidences are normally taken as part of average long-suffering care value and the protection activities at personal nursing units in various institutions. Various research studies have used secondary data that was intended for the purposes of research such as the medical records belonging to patients. The outcomes that the researchers acquire often use preoccupied versions of patients' account in the hospital in the form of released abstracts. The released abstracts that enclose data extracted from the hospice records about the diagnosis from the hospital and the patients' outlook at the period of discharge. There are a number of concerns from multiple researchers concerning the value and dependability of clinical records varying broadly. A suggestion by a certain author said that electronic medical record keeping will force contemporary recording of review data and involvements will give guidance to sure presentation in dimension of healthcare. Application of expertise in the healthcare settings is anticipated to ease deliverance of care and improvement in the excellence and safety that is probable to offer richer, higher quality statistics sources for strategic presentation improvement that is leveraged by the results of researchers.

Patients are not equally at risk of experiencing the negativities related with outcomes. The chronically ill, physiologically unstable, and elderly patients prove to be at a greater danger of experiencing a variety of forms of unfavorable events in care. As observed, data on falls might be constantly put together for all the hospitalized patients but it may not be mainly meaningful for patients with serious ailments. Accurate interpretation with differences in the rates across healthcare settings or over a given period of time needs proper understanding of the baseline risks that patients have so as to ascertain outcomes that are beyond healthcare providers. Due to a number of factors, this understanding is placed together with research and also the evaluation efforts through risk adjustment methods and this is done in two phases. The phases are; collection and gathering of reliable data about the foundation risk factors and analyzing them, careful definition of the patients populations that are at a risk. Without proper risk management skills, the associations between nursing staff and their outcomes could lead to dangerous effects. Thus, there could be constructive or adverse outcome charges in various organizations that may no longer look like it is complex to the patients being treated.

The main focal point of this study is on the nursing enrollment and the protection of patients outcomes. As was eminent earlier, the concern quality and medical results is inclusive of not only procedures and outcomes that are involved in avoiding harmful health states. Additionally, it includes a broader class of upbeat effects of proper nursing care. The facts concerning positive results of heed that are fewer likely to come as a result of low nursing conditions are purely limited.

It is recommended that in the staffing outcomes studies, researchers have the duty to match the information from a number of information foundations about the states under which the patients got proper care with scientific results. The researchers should use patient by patient methods or organizational trends during different times. This being the idea, errors or omissions in the healthcare would be observable and accurate tracking of picky unit in a different move for which the enrollment data were also obtainable could be the case.

While the nursing staff is looking for moral disagreements for the safety of patients, the ethical consideration can be observed as it is being driven from the primary task and the aim of the healthcare organizations. The chief aim of the healthcare fraternity is to defend as well as uphold and endorse the safety of care given to public. Secondly, there is legislation that acts as a keystone for the moral patients' safety. The execution of the ethical essential safety was started in a number of nations and it is backed up by the law and the worldwide gatherings.

Home fitness is a rising segment of health care model in the United States. The staffing models decrease somewhere amid sensitive care health centers as well as the long period care in terms of the amounts of unlicensed human resources and sensible nurses. Up to date, there are no studies that concentrate on the home health agency staffing models, the workloads of nurses and their skill mix.

The managers at various heights in the health care structure have to make a decision on how to relate the literature verdicts. It becomes impractical to read and talk about this research area without bearing in mind whether the directive of nurse staffing is a legitimate application of the findings mainly in the current atmosphere in healthcare. As said in the literature, there is no confirmation based least staffing ratios though the medical officers and the managers have every day in service ratios.


In conclusion, it becomes essential to make advances in the ground that future reviews will duplicate, lengthen, and improve the current body acquaintance. This makes it unambiguous on how certain characteristics of the labor force are barely considered.

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