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Date:  2022-10-31


These are the type of paper that allows a student to communicate with the instructor on a particular piece of information learned in class either in the form of a lecture, lessons, and experiences learned. The write up is either personal or subjective aimed at maintaining the content of the academic purpose that it serves through effective planning and organization of words to reduce irrelevance issues. The first step involves the identification of significant themes in the study. According to the article "it's all for your good"

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I used to despise nudging; I disliked everything about it, the absence of traditional policy to govern the people and its activities aimed at improving health, wealth and happiness. Poor decision making often resulted in biases and impairment of the cognitive functioning as a result of nudging. Old people had an opportunity of saving and proper choices of the retirement plans and benefits of the people. The nudging emphasized by employers through education and training on critical aspects aimed at improving the welfare of the people on decision making that are of sound mind. Although it was beneficial to the empowerment of the old before their retirements, it's all about making the correct choices in life.

The government charged with the responsibility of guarding its citizen against exploitation by the companies providing services to consumers, but at times they are attributed to deaf ear to the program that exploits the public. Emphasis on morality and the ability to know how to conduct specific functions put us on a level to differentiate the good from the bad. Nudges are used inappropriate behavior to sustain the output of growth in the country in addition to the government policy to reinforce the positive effects of nudging. The choice on nudging helps the country grow as business people depend on nudging and the poor people on choice are loyal to the cult.Self-respect if often related to the dignity of the people. The use of nudging bases on the violation of the rights such as rigging. The process of nudging does not teach on evading life problems nor the means to be rebellious to the law instead it emphasizes the concept of active choosing of the current item on a list. The product desired is given mandate against other products for accurate choice and measure of value. Also, nudging can present as information where the people manipulate the info to soot there desired goals and agenda of a given intention. Its aimed at changing the behavior of the subject and the population it addresses on a given subject matter. The reason for studying this type of nudge is to provide the audience with a clear picture on the various kinds of information nudge, its importance and how possibly can it be manipulated to bring a general meaning of the concept intended.


Nudging is the key to improve and empower the world. People with poor choices are free to make educational opportunities offered to them through nudging. The emphasis of the process is to held stakeholders, and business people come to a common ground on sales, the government should safeguard all attempts that improve nudging and restore alternatives to support the action.

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