Paper Example: Organizational Profit Target: Ethical Considerations & Quality Services

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Date:  2023-10-24


The organization and the establishment have in the procedural form need to make profits and grow as its dynamic goal. With all the set expenses on the excellent condition, workers employees and facilities acquired for purposefully give excellent quality services. It is necessary for the organization to have the profit target speculatively but with ethical consideration. It should not overcharge the customers for offering them survives. The organization should not take advantage of it surrounding and exploit the customers. The organization must have sufficient means of charging the customer. There is a need to have the project of the revenue collection in various organized sources and the ethical issues in the market world. The establishment must follow explicit rules on its services and revenue collection.

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Walter Reed Psychological Center

The organization being a multidisciplinary behavioral health care on the practice deal among people who suffer from mental health problems, psychological problems, and abuse of a substance. The management has the goal of quality health sustainable service and the making of profits from the sales of service (Siantz et al., 2017). The organization needs to take keen consideration of fair revenue collection and the ethical issues on the management to make the organization prosper.

Revenue Collection

The customers in the attendance to the organization for health issues services need to have payments for the services. The organization, however, in the spending to employee more competence medics concerning their services need to have customers understand what they are paying for. Every revenue the organization is receiving needs to have its revenue need to be accountable for the quality services. The customer needs to be elaborated on why they are paying and give quality services. The organization should chip in to ensure that no corruption is linked to the revenue collection (Pearce et al., 2019). The customers should be treated equally on the services they receive. The organization must have elaborated on the transparency of the medication on getting the profits (Siantz et al., 2017). In turn, it is sufficient for the organization to have the social responsibility of giving back to the community on the advantages they receive.

Ethical Issue Consideration

The establishment needs to have good-mannered employees under the surveillance of the managers. The consumers of the services need to have the precise elaborative discipline they receive in the service and employee’s language. The ethics of not exploiting the consumers is paramount to the organization (Pearce et al., 2019). The establishment needs to be faire on the services and transparent on the information given to the customers. The price of services, too, should be reasonable to the customers (Siantz et al., 2017). It is for the organization to elaborate the transparency in annual general meetings and improve on the quality of service.


The revenue collection and ethical issues in the management of the organization on health services are very crucial. Walter reed the psychological center being an establishment of the health sustainability consideration, has the critical issue of the Ethical understanding of their services. Furthermore, there is a need to have revenue collection in a fair and protection of the rights of consumers. From the management to the casual staff, the organization must have genuine quality services that worth payment and not conning the customers. However, there is a need for management to intervene for the ethical and collection of revenue to make the organization reliable to have more customers.


Pearce, A., Henery, P., Green, M., Hope, S., Taylor-Robinson, D., & Leyland, A. (2019). OP106 The contribution of maternal psychological distress to inequalities in child mental health problems: Differential exposure and differential susceptibility in the UK millennium cohort study. Oral Presentations.

Siantz, E., Rice, E., Henwood, B., & Palinkas, L. (2017). Where do peer providers fit into newly integrated mental health and primary care teams? A mixed method studies. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 45(4), 538-549.

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