Knight and Shining Armor: Getting Out of an Abusive Relationship Essay

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Date:  2022-08-18

I did not mean it, but I told him to leave my house and never come back again. I felt heartbroken and betrayed. It was the third time he had done it, and now it was developing into a trend I was not willing to deal with in a relationship. I felt rage rise within me like the warmth that comes with taking a shot of Tequila. He had meant the world to me, and I had always made excuses for the way he behaved. I had learned to love him without asking questions, and he had always found a way to make me believe his lies.

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Sometimes I think it is because of the circumstances under which we met that contributed to the issues we faced. We had met on a dark Friday night in a deserted alley, and I was walking home from a party hosted at my best friend's house since it was just two blocks away from my place. Our neighborhood was generally secure, and therefore I felt safe walking home alone that night. However a block away from my position I noticed two men dressed in black following me and I increased my pace.

They were fast, and I was slow. All I could think of is the worst thing a couple of men would do to a simple girl-next-door like me. "Why are you running?... There's no one to save you!" yelled one of them as the others surrounded me looking out for any strange movements in the surrounding. Before I could say anything or think of an excuse, the interrogator slapped me and asked me for my purse. I obliged. But that was not good enough. They immediately recognized my designer wears and asked me to strip naked and provide everything on me. My Gucci jacket and my Louis Vuitton shoes.

A tall, thin man with a figure resembling a corpse stood close to me. I could feel his cold, narcissistic breath on me, his eyes perusing through my face and his hands all over my body. Slowly he pushed my auburn hair behind my ears and whispered something depraved. "You have been such a good girl for me, and I want you to do one thing more." A million thoughts dashed through my mind like a ravaging storm unwary of its victims. "Is this it! Oh My God! No! This cannot be happening to me! Dear Lord save me from this!" Then it hit me, and there was no one to save me, no knight and shining armor as depicted in fairy tales. I was my hero. The next thing I felt was my knee up against his crouch, and my adrenaline kicked in, and all I could do was run for my dear life. My friends constantly joked about my running skills; I ran like a duck! Within a blink of an eye, one of them grabbed my hair, and I fell straight to the ground like a sack of potatoes. He punched me across the face, and I lay on the ground screaming with a bloody face while they cursed at me and threatened to end my life if I did not tame my shrewd mouth. It was like a movie, and I could not believe what was happening to me. My life flashed right in front of me. "I am too young to die!" Lord help me!"

In the midst of the battle, I heard a courageous and gutsy voice. "Hey! What are you doing to her!" A thud followed a these words. My hero saved me from my attackers. Within seconds, the men had scuffled with my hero but failed miserably. "Are you ok miss?" said my hero as he helped me to my feet. And there he was, a bold man, his hand was firm and hard, his eyes were blue and flickered with the street light and goodness, his physique was like a Greek-god but without the armor. I was in a twilight zone, and all I could see and feel was my hero's presence. A Cinderella moment when prince charming discovers that Cinderella was the one as he slipped the shoe into her foot. I could not believe I was in his presence.

Immediately he helped me to his car and drove me to the hospital where he called my parents on my behalf. As everyone around me was concerned about my wellbeing, all I could see was the halo around him and the smile that he gave me to reassure me he was there. How could I doubt such a smile? It was true love, well, love at first sight. I have never felt like this, to see a man so present and caring. He decided to stay at my bedside, provided me with stories that made me laugh, and I forgot about my ordeal. It was official, I was in love, and this would be my future companion. We would have a big house with the picket fence and lovely and handsome children.

But all this was too good to be true. My friends and my family warned me about him. But I was in love and how could I doubt the keeper of my heart. Pieces of evidence were presented to me. Pictures of him fondling with another woman, the credit debt he accumulated due to his escapades and increasing bills. I always questioned him about everything, but he knew how to control me. He used the sweet and tantalizing words every woman needs from their significant other. The honey trap was too sweet to let go. He built on lies and more lies and confronted my sanity in believing what my friends and family told me about him. I could not see my naivety and innocence in all this.

All I could do was give and give, but Harry did not reciprocate it. I bought the house and sustained our lifestyle. He made me feel like a queen, at best a princess in a fairy tale with my money. He worked in a big accounting firm and earned a six-figure salary, so he said. I met his friends. Are they his friends? Or are they on it together? His lifestyle was envy to many. He took me around the world and promised that "the world is ours for the taking." I could not resist him. The passion was too intense, and all I could see was the father of my children. Oh, how he would make such a fantastic father. The way he held my brother's children and played with them was terrific. How could such a person be callous and selfish?

Stacey, one of my dearest friends, called me in the middle of the night. She was frantic and angry. She described to me how Harry was caught fondling with one of his junior staff at a yacht party held by the executives. With technology anything is possible, and Stacey was determined to send proof to my doubting mind. And there it was, Harry, holding onto another woman as his life depended on it. The way he touched her and then he talked into her ears was evidence enough. All I could think of that night was the betrayal and the lies he preached to me, and I became his only believer. It was then that it hit me. Being in love alone is the worst feeling ever. I tossed and turned that night, contemplating doing the worst. I wanted to call Harry and confront him or worse, show up at the party and make a scene. But I was too polite for that.

An eviction notice was presented the following morning, and this is the straw that broke the camel's back. "How could we be evicted from the condo. Doesn't Harry earn enough to sustain his lifestyle and mortgage." I was untameable. The rage building inside me was enough to burn the house down. I called my parents and explained the situation. My mother was delighted that I finally realized what they were trying to tell me all this time. "Harry is fraud! A wolf in sheepskin!" He did not work at an accounting firm, and positively, he did not have the money to sustain his lifestyle. My friends and family showed up the next day and provided me with all the details I decided to neglect due to my love for Harry.

It turned out that Harry loves preying on lonely successful women. He endures the turmoil and the drama from wealthy women to sponge and sustains a lifestyle he builds along the way. But, how could he have known that I was well-off during that ordeal? Maybe he discovered my life when he called my parents. How did he get this information? There were so many thoughts running through my mind, and none of them made sense. Then it hit me, and this did not love. I was duped into thinking I was in love. There is nothing like love at first sight. I was a long con. How did he manage to create such a lifestyle? The headache and the anxiety that followed was enough to kill me.


It was like my eyes were now open. It was a miracle, but a late one. I could not believe the kind of life I had chosen for myself. I was on track to being named partner at the firm, earn more than six digits in my salary and buy a house for myself. But I threw all this away for love. What is love? Harry has made me question this since then. I do not know what is love, and I do not understand who I am and what is my purpose. A torn woman rediscovering herself. As they say, 'what does not kill you makes you stronger!' Like a phoenix, I shall rise, but with love, I doubt I shall ever understand from this point of view. Harry was the love of my life, and they say this kind of love breaks the humanity in a person. This I am yet to unravel.

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