Essay Sample on Modern High Schools Preparing Students for Higher Education

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Date:  2022-11-03


For decades now, high school education has been delivering a significant role in society, especially regarding academics and life. Despite any underlying occurrences that may be involved with high school education and providing knowledge, it has been deemed as one of the necessary stages in the life of the children. Correspondingly, in the present, there has been tremendous advancements, especially in high school education. In the modern high school education, the high schools are offering a top-notch apprenticeship and vocational learning to the students. Similarly, the modern high school is creating a significant influence on the transition or graduation of students to higher education. Higher education encompasses a critical stage in student life since it prepares the student for the outside entity. However, the underlying question concerning modern high school and higher education entails whether the modern high school do an excellent job or preparing students for higher education learning.

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Arguably, the modern high schools do an excellent job of preparing students for higher education in different ways. In contemporary education in high schools, there has been a great move amongst the policy makers and educators in the preparation of students for higher education and life as well. For example, some high schools have been extraordinarily effective through developing the students higher learning. Moreover, in the perfection of high schools in preparing students for higher education, the proponents argue that there is a tremendous influence in the occurrence. According to Royster, Gross and Hochbein (2015), there is a positive association between high education learning as well the high school preparatory, especially in mathematics. Royster, Gross and Hochbein (2015) continue arguing that timing is everything in getting high school students ready for higher learning.

Additionally, the modern high schools do a despicable job of preparing students for higher education. As students progress with training in current high school, there has been the introduction of vocational studies which are a primary step in ensuring that students are ready for higher education. The occurrence is evidenced for instance through technical units and subjects that the modern high schools are introducing which in one way or the other, related to individual career paths in higher education. In other occurrences, there is evidence of how modern high schools are doing an excellent job in preparing students for higher learning. For example, according to Huerta and Watt (2015), the modern high school education is promoting the advancement via individual determination which is proving to help in college readiness for high school students. Moreover, students are developing the skill and abilities which prepares them for life after higher education as well (Huerta & Watt, 2015).

Nonetheless, in opposition to the topic regarding the perfection of modern high schools in preparing students for higher education, there is more that should be done. For instance, the current high schools are creating a culture whereby, the grade evaluation and examinations are used to measure the abilities and knowledge of the students which should not be the case. In the strive to prepare students for higher education, giving them knowledge more than academic learning is critical since the students develop mentally. Moreover, modern schools are teaching students on how to pass evaluations which in other incidents should not be the case as students need equipping with critical skills such as decision making.


In conclusion, as the high school students transition and graduate into higher education, the high school education sets a stepping stone in preparing them. Higher education does not only entail academic learning but revolves around the outside corporate world and how to gain entry. It is outright clear that high school education is significant in preparing students for higher education; however, arguments revolve around the capability of the modern high schools in developing the students for higher education.


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Royster, P., Hochbein, C., & Gross, J. (2015). Timing is everything: Getting students on track to university readiness in high school. The High School Journal, 98(3), 208-225.

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