Essay Sample on Learning Styles and Personality Type

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Date:  2022-11-02


The results from the Education Planner reveal a visual learning style after the test. A visual learner learns by seeing pictures. They often remember and understand things taught by sight. A visual learn will picture what was being taught in their head, and learn best through the use of visuals. My learning patterns correspond with the outcomes from the Education Planner as I mostly use visuals of the materials being taught. I also follow instructions better when I am presented with a demonstration of what I am supposed to do than just being verbally instructed.

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Visual learning is a style that has several strengths for the learners. One of the strengths that visual learners have is spelling. Strong visual of words helps visual learners in developing into good spellers. Visual learners can map out the required steps once they learn the goal. Once visual learner sees the goal of learning, they easily put together the steps that will achieve the goal. Also, visual learners have the ability to learn several things at once.

The first step in becoming a skilled OTA would be to acquire concrete experience which will be accompanied by a personal reflection of the experience. This reflection allows for the sharpening of the skills in practicing OTA. The reflective observation stage is very crucial as it allows for careful observation and the establishment of a goal and meaning. After this stage, the next would involve pursuing tasks and behavior of individuals which may be followed by active experimentation.

The ISFJ personality is the kind that is kind, loyal, and considerate. They often sacrifice their interests driven by the desire to serve and protect others. What stands out about such characters is that they never seek recognition for what they have done. They privately have rich inner lives and are very friendly. These results by Myers Briggs are somewhat similar to my traits. I am a person who enjoys spending time in solitude with complete privacy. I have very few close friends and I a more of a realistic and practical individual.

Benefits / Advantages of ISFJ Personality

Individuals with ISFJ personalities are supportive. They are considered as universal helpers as they share with others their time, experience, and their knowledge especially those that are close to them.

They are imaginative and pay attention to details. These individuals are very created with their thought patterns and use this trait to empathize with others observing other people's situations and perceiving them in their own way.

They are reliable and patient. ISFJ individuals are very careful when going about things and do not rush their decisions or get excited over issues. They are keen to ensure things are accomplished to the highest standard.

For an ISFJ, doing activities and choosing a career that will allow the chance to spread wings and help others is one way of becoming a skilled OTA. These traits will always help in coming up with creative ways to improve existing problems. Creative problem-solving abilities accompanied with a great desire to serve others are the traits that will help in enhancing the skills as an OTA. Individuals with this personality type are flexible, adaptable, and have the ability to make quick and rational decisions whenever there is a change. The ability to think outside the box will greatly enhance the skills as an OTA.

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