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Date:  2022-11-15


The chapter selected is about Interpersonal learning. The reason for the selection of this chapter is that it is a broad learning category that is useful for students to enhance a strong social style and good communication with other people both verbally and non-verbally. One is considered intelligent if they learn the skills of interpersonal learning which they can apply in different areas to ensure they build of confidence and level of excellent presentation before an audience. People listening to you or others that come for advice will recognize the skills that one has if they are sensitive to the motivation, feelings or moods such that one will listen well and understand their views.

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A synopsis of the chapter is that the author starts by defining the meaning of interpersonal learning which they say is a broad and complex therapeutic factor in individual therapy including insight working through the transference and the corrective emotional experience. In this, the author tends to refer to the ability of an individual to interact with others with a clear understanding of social situations facing them. Effective listening and communication is key to interpersonal learning in that during the interaction, there are clear relations that come with benefits. The author discusses the importance of interpersonal relationships, the corrective emotional experience and the group as a social microcosm.

The authors are aware of what they are talking about because they address interpersonal learning on a broader level compared to what another person would say about it. However, they are complex in their terms about personal therapy that make it difficult to actually understand that there are any relations concerned when it comes to talking about the general development of an individual in the society. It is through the discussion on interpersonal relationships and the concept of the group that the author manages to bring the readers to a closer view of how the learning comes about. However, it is clear that the authors are aware of what they are discussing.

The content of the chapter increased my awareness and understanding of the group psychotherapy because of the detailed discussion. The authors state that the importance of group therapy is to help individuals communicate better and gain socialization skills because the entire group learns how to express their ideas while open to criticism during the therapy. Additionally, they are able to develop self-awareness when they listen to others who have similar issues. This way, the group becomes a social microcosm in that it is a reflection of the member's general tendencies. The content did not change my perspective of the group psychotherapy because all along, it has been helpful and in that case, the reading added to my knowledge on the same case.

The content is associated and related to my personal life experiences where I have had difficulties in expressing myself, especially in a large crowd when I am defending my opinion. It is through the discussion that I have learnt how I should be related to the audience and understand any social issues that would have helped me to get through the state I faced. Seeing yourself as a failure because you were unable is to express your strong points is an additive to decreasing confidence levels. In that case, I engaged in group therapy that has been the most useful so far in gaining more skills in interpersonal learning.

The content caused some emotional arousal such interpersonal intimacy where I discovered that different people have different levels of self-esteem, security, confidence, self-value and friendships and there is a need to understand their situations. I have learnt that intimacy is an interpersonal process where one values the importance of self-disclosure, partner disclosure and other aspects of perceived partner responsiveness during exchanges. It is crucial that one respects all aspects of intimacy be it physical, intellectual, emotional or shared activities.

I liked the broad discussion more than anything else in the chapter. There is detailed information that is reliable for use during the daily life activities in the society that people will appreciate. However, I did not like the use of jargons and complex sentences to explain simple definitions of obvious words that one encounters every other day. The content of the chapter is great and I like the part of group therapy and its importance.

There is much I learnt from the content of the paper about interpersonal learning especially how the learners need to thrive in social interactions. The key thing is to ensure communication with other people is top-notch and ensure other support your ideas. The authors are keener to talk about group therapy which is ideal for utilizing to learn from others especially when one is able to take up the criticism. The content met my expectations of the issue of group psychotherapy on good levels.


In conclusion, interpersonal learning is crucial to every person because there is always a time when one needs to state their side of view. If they have no idea on how to go about it, they will face challenges when coming to terms with critical issues.

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