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Evaluating a tool of a proposed technique of passing information vital because it highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the method. Analysis of paper three shows some of the works scores and also reveals its major week point. The week points call for a reformulation of the case with the intent of aligning the research with trends prevailing in the current education and employment sectors in the world. The proposal forms a focal point to a new document which this research wants to implemented at the expense of the previous paper. Although education is essential in general, a more specific aspect of it, modern learning method through use the internet are becoming a critical aspect in today's world. This paper explains the result of the review done on the previous work, outlines its weakness, provide a recommendation for offsetting the limitation and communicates the restriction to the relevant authority to implement the recommendations.

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General Overview

The reports indicate that education is key to the general growth of an individual and economy (1). Through school, the literacy level of an individual increase. Elite group develop strategies of making it through the different prevailing economic situation and always find a way out even in extreme financial circumstances. A learned person can also interpret social expectations of different people and interact with everyone to their expectations regardless of their varying social demands. Despite the work illustrating the importance of schooling explicitly, the paper fails to take note of the current trends in the learning system; the internet and its related skills, which is a favorite element in the world today. With the changing lifestyle, the internet is as the primary resource center where learners can access material and information even at the comfort of their home. It also plays as one of the contributors to employment opportunities.

What the Remixing Involved. As stated earlier, it is always essential to revisit any proposals because the process identifies areas that need improvement. After evaluating the previous paper denoted as paper three against the prevailing industry conditions, it becomes evident that the report did not underscore the critical aspect of the current world which is technology.

Although general education is necessary, a lot of people miss out on the details of their courses due to lack of technology-oriented skills that this paper will refer to as cyber skills. The skills help learners to solve the problem of basic computer communication methods that facilitate distance learning, natural understanding of computer-driven technologies like the use of robotics and participation in distance business management activities including the online conferencing. Even though the project focused on the provision of public-sponsored teaching and affordable education, this works advocates for complete free training of individuals in cyber skills (3).

What is the crisis in Industry? The world today dreams of technology, talks of technology and most importantly practices technique. It is therefore vital for generations of the day to have a proper grasp of high-tech skills which includes the minimum level of cyber skills (7). Such skills include typing, online information searching, communicating using email, and engaging in computer games. Such capabilities help cover the exigence weakness in the industry, the poor computer skills that can allow people to move with the rapidly growing technology. Computer games cultivate one's ability to master the control of robotics.

All sectors in the current world, including government department and private companies, embrace the use of online technological activities in their daily organizational management. The electronic learning system which is now argued to be one of the most efficient learning methods is also growing. As the paper illustrates, skills are essential in any job market as the employers prefer work-oriented competencies (6). The above abilities foster current market employee competency level. Also, the skills help them to perform cyber services.

What Decision Made Concerning the Four Concepts. This work proposes a new approach to education after lifting the concept of previous work and evaluation findings, this proposal captures critical detail left out by the earlier work and opts to advocate for the free installation of the skills to the population at no expense. The move us on the context of the work, which includes the current technological advancement. Need for such skills is critical in the present world.

The purpose of this work is to approach education stakeholders to affect the filling of the existing gap computer skills gap. From the previous, public education institutions should work to improve the education levels of a country (5). Consequently, this proposal aims to ensure that the rectification process involves everyone with interest, using face to face and distance learning through the internet.

The paper effects this using a visual presentation with brief support information showing how the implementation of the document proposal will help the learners and fit in general work industry. These works use a strategic approach as its genre starting with a plan. It then progresses with sharing the idea with authority, which is the nation's education department that will actualize it. The work appreciates the existing education system and identifies its gaps which it illustrates the benefit of filling.

The audience of the work is the Secretary for Education matters and his team that a country tasks with ensuring adequate and reliable education system to its population. Therefore, with the existing scenario, the paper addresses the Secretary to facilitate the process of delivery of cyber skills to the people. This work also helps the audience understand how it can perform the implementation of the remedial process by establishing specific public places where trainers' skills guide the members of the public cyber education. Generally, this piece passes its findings and recommendation to the secretary and works to persuade the department to implement the request.

What Missed-out before Completion of the Previous Research. Evaluation of the work also shows how the project failed to realize the importance of cyber skills in current society-research based on the general perception of the importance of education to people without considering the uniqueness of the present world. However, the analysis did not appreciate the trends in the current world, technology taking the focal point of every activity. All businesses, organizations, government and its department and even schools are resorting to the use of technology in its daily operation. This situation means that individuals either employees or students need to familiarize with how to use technology to accomplish their daily skills.


From the proposals, research about the education system of a place should consider the trends of the regions education and employment sector. The step helps to fund a process that will help the learners with skills for future career endeavors and eliminates wastage of resources to inappropriate investment. Through the appropriate funding, a country gets its people equipped with industry-oriented skills that fill the gap of lack of specialized employees witnessed in most sectors.

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