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Flipped learning is significant to the students to have a dynamic learning environment which does not necessarily interfere with the coverage of the content. Having an active learning environment, students can participate in social-learning and gain better creative learning skills (McLaughlin, et al., 2014). Unlike the traditional standard method which involves the teacher directing the students through memorization and recitation techniques, students in flipped learning can access the videos and podcasts posted by the teacher anytime without having to visit the teacher; this allows them to have been acquainted with the learning material before engaging in group learning space. Flipped learning is vital in knowledge, however, it requires certain facilities such as the requirement to have a malleable setting which has an extensive array of educational approaches. The learners must also be conversant with modern technology as well as the teachers. The learning method is also encouraged to make sure that students have more time to focus more on achieving their goals. More time is saved since the pre-recorded lectures can be assigned to students as coursework making the class time open for collaborative knowledge activities (Mok, 2014). Even though not all operations can be taught by using the videos and podcasts, those that cannot be computerized can be explained in class. K-12 is one of the systems that has engaged the introduction of flipped classrooms in learning. The Kirkpatrick model is used to test the efficiency of flipped classrooms.

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Statement of the Problem

The flipped classroom may be the ideal form of learning in high schools since it encourages the learner to learn and gain knowledge even in the absence of the teacher. With the teaching mainly focusing on students working on their own at home, a student may be stuck on a particular task which makes it difficult for the student to have an instructor who can help him/her to tackle the problem. Many times students get stuck in some tasks which bars them from going to the next work, for instance in some projects, completing specific steps are required for one to get to the next level, therefore, it means that a student may get stuck in a level without anyone close to help him/her (McLaughlin, Roth, Glatt, Gharkholonarehe, Davidson, Griffin, & Mumper, 2014). When lectures involved in the training, the chances of clarifying specific issues are more accessible than when using a flipped form of learning (McLaughlin, Roth, Glatt, Gharkholonarehe, Davidson, Griffin, & Mumper, 2014). Through observing the student as it happens in flipped classroom, a lecturer can learn the response of the student towards specific topics hence coming up with different ways of explaining and giving examples to ensure the students understand the content. Podcasts and recorded videos may miss some clarification concepts which lectures may offer in class and the instructor will need to clarify such information.


  • To determine the differences between flipped classroom settings and traditional classroom settings in education
  • To identify the effects of a flipped classroom on student engagement in pre-intermediate Czech Secondary Schools
  • To determine the effects and effectiveness of flipped classroom on student's achievements in pre-intermediate Czech Secondary Schools.
  • To determine the attitude of the teachers and learners towards the use of flipped classroom.
  • To assess the extent of the use of common active methodologies in teaching.
  • To determine the extent that the Kirkpatrick evaluation method justify the use of flipped classroom in pre-intermediate schools in Czech Republic.

Justification and Significance of the Study

The use of modern technology has been tested in the modern world. In various countries, students have been encouraged to use technology as a way of facilitating their learning. For instance, in America use of digital books is being emphasized. In countries like Singapore and South Korea, K-12 systems are being used (McLaughlin, Roth, Glatt, Gharkholonarehe, Davidson, Griffin, & Mumper, 2014). For instance, a teacher at Maryland reported that after flipping the classroom, the percent of the students who passed exams increased compared to the previous year (McLaughlin, Roth, Glatt, Gharkholonarehe, Davidson, Griffin, & Mumper, 2014). The flipping of classrooms is highly motivated by the fact that the students are allowed to receive more attention face to face with the teachers when actively working on the assignments. Flipped learning is one way of ensuring that students engage in school activities; it is, therefore, necessary to encourage flipped learning as a method of ensuring all students participate and gain the desired skills in specific courses.

Through the introduction of flipped classrooms, students will change their different attitude towards different concepts which will be essential in ensuring that they engage in discussing the ideas. One major cause of student's failures is by having bad attitudes towards different instructors. Traditionally teachers were generally handling the concepts without the real participation of the students; this will change with the introduction of the flipped classrooms since many students can present their difficulties to instructors after which they can be assisted. Flipping allows the teacher to learn about the different abilities of the students. Through flipping, students will come up with different questions which can help the teacher determine their different strengths and weakness. The introduction of the flipped classes can achieve self-paced learning; in this case, the student will learn the context depending on their suitable pace (Gaughan, 2014). Some students may require more time to understand a certain topic; this can be achieved by ensuring that the students have the preferred content in their devices where they learn anytime.

In assessments concerning group discussions, each will have a chance to articulate his/her thoughts on real-time and have different ways of justifying the argument. It is therefore essential to encourage flipped learning as a way of ensuring each student have the chance of expressing what the concept entails. Sometimes illness may cause learners to miss classes for a while which may take some time for them to catch up with other students. In this case, the use of flipped classroom models can help the students to quickly learn since they can get the lectures at home or in hospitals. The transparency is also experienced with the introduction of the flipped classroom; reason being, the parents can monitor what the students are learning from the videos and podcasts. Transparency will also be a way to create an actual relationship between parents and teachers since they can communicate more often about various ways to improve the performance of the student.

Encouraging flipped learning is essential since teachers can decide and plan on the time to spend with each of the students in regards to the struggles and the performance of the learner. The teachers also benefit from the flipped learning since once podcasts and videos are recorded, the information can be saved and be used in future teaching the same concept. Flipped classrooms help in giving teachers time on how to put the learned concept into practice, this is, mainly achieved by ensuring students are aware of the ideas before attending the classes. The flipped learning model has dramatically helped both the teachers and the students to understand each other and creating good relationships among learners, teachers, and parents.

Outline of the Research

This research will look at the parts that the researcher conducted to be able to come up with the findings. These include the introduction to the study, the literature review, research methodology, findings and results, discussion of the findings and the conclusions and recommendations.

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