Essay Sample on Exposure of Kids to Lead: Dangerous & Permanent Damage

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Date:  2023-01-09


The exposure of children to lead is dangerous to children because it interferes with the normal growth of children more especially the growth of the nervous system as well as the brain. There is no level of exposure to children that can be described as being safe according to the center of disease control. If a child is exposed to lead at a sensitive time when the brain is developing the damage is likely to be permanent (Kessel & O'Connor, 1997). The children are usually exposed to lead because of their normal behaviors such as crawling.

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Why Children are Vulnerable to Lead Exposure

Research has shown that in New Jersey the levels of lead more especially in water is very high. Due to the behavior of children, they are the ones who are on the first line of getting affected by lead. Children tend to crawl hence exposing themselves to dirt which might contain lead hence the high risk of exposure to lead (Kessel & O'Connor, 1997). They also tend to put everything that comes across into their mouths, and this exposes them to any lead that might be present in the soil.

Reasons Why Paterson is Mostly Affected by Lead Exposure

The recommended levels of lead are 15 parts per billion. However, this is not the case in Paterson. When the water in public schools was tested, it was found to contain levels of lead which are above the recommended levels hence exposing the school going children to lead which has devastating consequences when exposed to the bodies of children. Therefore the higher cases of lead exposure to children are because the region has higher levels of lead. This situation can be prevented if testing of water is regularly done. Children should not use the water which is found to contain the highest levels of lead (Kessel & O'Connor, 1997). Equally, care should be taken on young children more especially those between the ages of 6 months and three years and the ones who crawl so that they do not come into contact with lead.

The existing strategies on the prevention of lead exposure to children include abatement of the lead hazards in areas where children spend their time. Additionally, the lead levels in drinking water and soil should be reduced. The Community Development Act of 1992 creates provisions for the funding of getting rid of lead in communities. The Act stipulates a process of involving the federal agencies as well as the agencies in charge of environmental protection (Kessel & O'Connor,1997). The Centre for Disease Control and prevention recommends the screening of the blood levels of children while at 12 months using the lead test. This should be done in areas where the levels of lead are thought to be higher. All the bodies in the United States which are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that children are not exposed to lead recommend this method of testing. The method has proven to be effective in showing the levels of lead in blood. I think this strategy is the best because after testing that for lead that is when an action can be taken to avoid the exposure(Luther,2015). There are no cultural implications on this strategy.


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