Opinion on the Policy of Eliminating Sporting Time

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Date:  2021-03-23

Letter to the Editor

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New York Times

10th October

Concerned Reader,

Ref: Abolishment of Sport in schools

A new government is in power, and it is of the opinion that sport as a discipline in schools should be abolished. The new government could be new in power but certainly not new to the pivotal role that sport plays not only in the growth and development of the body but also in the social skills and intellectual development of the whole being. Sport is not just to play and walk away, but it is a lifestyle. It is certainly not new to the government that sports keep the participants fit, active, and healthy among other attributes. There certainly ought to be someone to remind the people in the new government the role that game played in their upbringing.

Implementing the policy of eliminating sporting time from the students schedules will not only affect the biological processes of the bodies of the young students growing up but will also affect the social life of the students in many ways. The letter seeks to explain the position of the writer in opposition to the motion to eliminate sporting time from the schedules of the students. First of all, lack of physical exercises will exhaust the heart-making fat and cholesterol to accumulate around the heart muscle, and this will impede the beating of the heart.

When fat and cholesterol is on the way of the beating heart, it will only be a matter of time before the young people begin to succumb to lifestyle diseases like hypertension, and heart attacks. According to the United States, statistics on the death due to heart attacked, there are more than 366,000 deaths due to heart attacks that occur in young people every year. These fatalities can be averted by simply instilling in the young people the heart and the mind to take part in physical activities. Lack of physical activity is hugely blamed for the occurrences.

Bones become weak when they are not subjected to frequent exercise to keep them fit. Prolonged periods of inactivity could lead to a collapse of the vital organs of the body. When young people engage in long hours of study without going out to study healthy sports, they are likely to become obese and unbalanced in their physical makeup. New statistics reveal that younger and younger people are falling victims to lifestyle diseases that were in the past a reserve for the aged. According to the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney diseases one-third of the children aged below the age of 12 years are considered to be obese.

Beyond any reasonable doubt years and years of research in science and nutrition have continued to prove that exercises are an essential part of remaining fit and healthy. Primarily the significance of physical exercises come into play whenever there is the thought of good health and staying fit. They say that all work without play makes Jim a dull boy. Therefore for students to work all day and not be afforded the chance to spend some time working out or engaging in some sport is rather cumbersome and unhealthy. There is a need for the students to take part in physical activities to remain fit and healthy. The human body is designed to form its energy from the food that we take in via various metabolic reaction and the

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