My Goals and Motivations for Pursuing a Degree in Early Childhood Education - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-03


I am a full-time student having experience in childcare services and skilled at planning the activities of children, managing and monitoring drink and food supply, and organizing schedules in the institution. Moreover, I am specialized in working closely with parents to ensure a valuable and welcoming environment for every child. I studied in Sacred Heart high school, where I graduated on 30th May 2014, and proceeded to Los Angeles city college. My encounter with young children has always been enjoyable and motivating, and I would like to further my studies in early childhood education for various reasons, following my experience in Holy Trinity school where I currently work in as the after-school childcare coordinator. Also, I worked in the YMCA of Glendale as the summer day camp counselor from 2016 to 2018 as well as Good Shepard center where I provided childcare services and organized events and activities. I have pursued two courses in my education; child growth and development (CH DEV 001) and child, fam, and community (CH DEV 11).

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My goals and motivations for pursuing a degree in early childhood education are first, to become fully certified. In many occasions, a bachelor's degree is always enough education for attaining certification or a teaching license. However, some states might require a master's degree from the beginning or make earning a degree the only condition of certification maintenance. If one works or lives in the country, it might not be optional returning to school if one wants to proceed with teaching. Also, providing a nurturing and safe environment is among my goals as in most cases, parents often want the best for the kids. Thus, knowing that their children are receiving the most appropriate and safest education and childcare is their concern. Moreover, as a trained early childcare teacher, I am always entrusted with ascertaining that the kids are safe from psychological and physical harm, ensuring that they are in a stimulating environment which nurtures their creativity, development of social skills, self-esteem and self-expression. Therefore, accomplishing this goal might be the most significant task one can achieve as an educated early child care teacher.

With my current position as a floater in a preschool in Pasadena named Discovery Days, where I give teachers short breaks and lunch breaks and ascertain the safety of children, I wish to pursue my degree to earn a promotion. Some early childhood teachers are contented to remain as instructors for the period of their careers while other teachers yearn for higher positions of higher authority and responsibility. For early childhood teachers, getting a promotion might mean obtaining positions such as being a supervisor, consultant, director, trainer or becoming a lead teacher. In most occasions, earning a promotion is associated with earning more income, working under less supervision, and taking more responsibilities for the students, their parents and the staff.

My other goal and motivation in pursuing the degree are to better the development of childhood which allows me to do my work more effectively. Many programs or early childhood education put a focus on the child development fundamentals, teaching the kids how to assist each other and developing skills that are essential which they may require late in life. Nevertheless, by understanding the theories of early childhood education and putting them into practice, the degree might help me understand better how these young children learn, allow me to interpret their actions and behaviors, and encourage more learning through different types of play.


Children are always innocent and truthful in most of their words and actions. Therefore, my motivation would be to instill a love of learning to the children as people often term school as their second home. Moreover, next to parents or guardians and other significant supports of the family, and ECE teacher is among the first people that a kid encounters for extended periods. The intimacy and frequency of the student contact depict that the ECE teachers act as role models to the children. Also, they start educating their students the fundamental values in life and learning skills such as inquisitiveness and curiosity which might last throughout their educational careers. Thus, when the love of learning is instilled, children will always find a school and learning more exciting and more straightforward.

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