Features Make the Person I Am Essay

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Date:  2022-07-01

What distinguishes me from others? Several features make the person I am and probably distinguish me from other persons. To start with, what is a 'person,' a person is a being that has certain attributes such as self-consciousness, morality, and also has a part in the culturally established form of social relations with self-consciousness being a sense of self-awareness. I am different being from others because of the specific attributes that make me the person I am. This automatically introduces the idea of self-identity (Nietzsche &Friedrich, 2009). Self-identity is the recognition of one's particularindividual by the characteristics or even through social context.

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To describe myself as me and not any other person, I have specific several features or attributes that I have to use. I am a male twenty years of age, one and a half meters in height and fifty-eight kilograms in weight. A white from the United States of America and an undergraduate student pursuing Education. I am a Catholic by religion and single in my marital status. I am a person who loves singing for most of my leisure time (Nettle & Daniel, 2009). Hip-hop is my favorite songs. Singing is a hobby, and also I could take it as my career after I am through with my university studies. I have already written several songs which are just waiting for their release, and I hope that I will be successful in my career, singing, and maybe one day acquire some popularity which had remained to be my wish for a very long period, probably from when I was a small kid. Alongside singing being my most favorite hobby, I also love dancing and spending time with my great friends. Singing and dancing are my hobbies, but I find more much fun when am doing this with my friends. I have very many friends and love spending most of my time with them. I also have several things that I dislike (Deely &John, 2002). One of these dislikes is being lectured for anything, either for the wrong that has done or for anything different. I usually feel very frustrated when someone is giving me a lecture; I prefer holding a discussion where my say is also considered rather than being lectured. I hate being ignored by my friends or anybody that I expect some attention from (Wilkes, Kathleen & Wilkes, 1988). Things like these usually make me feel embarrassed, and I do not plan to happen to me because I do not know the best ways of dealing with them.

Being involved in crimes is also not my thing. I hate doing punishments and so to keep off from such situations of being asked to do penance or any other bad things that are associated with the criminals I try as much as possible not to commit crimes or associate myself with criminals (Noonan & Harold, 2004). I usually choose my friends very wisely, and if within the course of time I find that the friend is not of my choice or we are differing in most of our tastes and preferences then I have to drop the friend.

I also have strengths and weakness which are also used in defining me and distinguish me from the rest of the humankind. I am different due to my weakness and strengths even. I have several strengths which include, am very good at keeping my real friends ( Cunningham & Watts, 1911). I usually do not confront with my friends often. Even if we disagree on some of our views, this does not usually do lead us to a grudge. I also don't keep grudges with people so even if an animosity exists between us then it would not last ( Korsgaard & Christinet, 1989). This applies not only to my friends, but everyone and this culture have helped me be on good terms with neighbors, society and the society at large (Cunningham & Watts, 1971). Adapting to a new environment or new things very fast is also one of my biggest strengths. I am very good at changing to new things subjected to me, and I usually cope very fast and very proud of this. An excellent example of this is, dealing with the new environment of the school when I am shifted from one school to another (Shoemaker David, Kevin & Tobia, 2018). When parents decide to change me to a different school or even when I join university from secondary school or even when I am joining secondary school from primary school, then I find no problem with coping with the new friends. I make new friends very fast and catch up with my colleagues very fast also, and this habit helps me very much.

On the side of my weaknesses, I have several of them which include, being a hot-tempered person. I am a person who is usually angered by tiny things and my reaction at that time is terrible (Siderits & Mark, 2016). If someone wrongs me, I even prefer the person to run away or do anything possible to get out of my sight because I can injure the person badly and also suffer regrets later. This habit I hated and tried to avoid it, but it has been an impossible thing to leave hence invented various ways of dealing with it. I also have a problem of keeping time. I am inferior at keeping time, and this usually costs me at some times especially in my life as a student. Submission of assignments and also the preparation of examinations is a problem to me; I am usually fond of submitting assignments late and also preparing for tests during the rush hours due to procrastination hence doing it with a lot of pressure.

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