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Educational leaders focus on the holistic development of the whole person. The dimensions involved include emotional development, cognitive, physical, and social development. Most educational leaders ensure the facilitation of the learner's development and education through the planning of lessons and activities with the view of the interest of the child coupled with the handling of questions that advances the comprehension of the learners. Educational leaders are equally viewed to be responsive and responsible for nurturing the needs of the learners. They guide the process and activities from outside the learning environment. As the learners continue to interact with the learning materials and another learner, the educational leaders scaffold learning by liaising with the educators in teaching learners new vocabulary and also providing possible suggestion to problems to aid in the development of solutions (Faltis, 2011). The paper, therefore, seeks to address the role of educational leaders with the emphasis on diversity and globalisation and the function they play in redefining the role of educational leaders. Examples will also be provided to aid in justifying and validating every argument brought forth.

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The concept of diversity entails acceptance and respect. It revolves understanding the uniqueness of every person and appreciating any difference which may be noticed. Most of the differences may be noted along the dimensions of sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religious beliefs, physical abilities, ethnicity, race, and gender. The exploration of the mentioned differences in a positive, safe, and a nurturing manner is what is construed to be diversity (Howard, 2007). Meaning, diversity is not just about the understanding of each other but that which goes beyond the boundaries of simple tolerance to celebrating and embracing the rich differences that every individual has. When emphasis is placed on diversity in the redefinition of the role of educators, a point of clarity is noted on the manner in which the educational leaders appreciate the uniqueness and differences that may be in the learning environments and institutions and how they can offer advisory roles to the educators in ensuring that the learning environment is accommodative and inclusive for all people.

Therefore, in the redefinition of the role of educational leaders, diversity ensures that educational leaders collaborate with other educators in offering curriculum guidance and direction. The curriculum must be inclusive to address the challenges and differences of learners. It must not be one which may subject some learners to ridicule along the ethnic, racial, and socio-economic dimensions to mention but a few (Lokos, N.Y). The redefinition of the roles also ensures that the learning and development of the learners are guarded by the learning results approved by the learning guidelines. The educational leaders also ensure that the educators observe the effective implementation of the cycle of planning to observe programs and practices (Waniganayake et al. 2017) Examples that can be used to justify the redefinitions of functions of the educational leaders with the view of diversity are as follows; a) Educational leaders coming to a consensus about the development of a curriculum that is inclusive of diverse learning needs. b) Coming up with policies that if adopted by the educators, will aid in the holistic development of every learner regardless of the learner's uniqueness.

On the other hand, globalisation can be discussed based on different fronts. On the basic front, a general definition is a spread of information, technology, and products across the national cultures and borders. It can also get opined as to the process of integration and interaction among individuals across the globe. With the view of the redefinition of the role of educational leaders (Jackson, 2016). They should ensure that they offer training to the educators on matters technology to facilitate smooth integration of technology with education. For example, the 21st century has been marked with great technological developments and improvements. As such, various technological devices have been used in classrooms or for lectures. For example, the use of laptops for lectures to mention but a few. The globalisation issue also goes a long way in addressing the question of how internet usage impact education. The other redefinition role is on the development of curriculum that is compliant to the three pillars of globalisation; addressing international issues, technological compliant, and cultural sensitivity. It is equally notable that the emphasis on globalisation is not only limited to the positive discussion but also the negative dimension. Therefore, every discussion that is brought forward is limited to the position held by a person or an individual. For example, in this discussion, the emphasis is on the redefinition of the role of educational leaders on a positive dimension.

Example of My Leadership in Action and How They Address Globalization and Diversity

I have practised entrepreneurship for five years, and two things have worked in ensuring that I achieve successful outcomes, diversity, and globalisation. I work with persons from different countries, and I have developed policies that ensure that nobody is discriminated against. There are serious punitive measures to curb any action that may undermine the promotion of diversity. Based on globalization, most of our successes are credited to the use of technology.

In summary, the redefinition of the role of educational leaders has been discussed on two fronts, diversity, and globalisation. Diversity has focused on how educational leaders can come up with frameworks that go beyond the differences and uniqueness of people to those that appreciate the uniqueness and differences in nurturing a holistic learning environment. On the part of diversity, the focus has been based on matters technology, cultural sensitivity, and policies that exceed the national boundaries.


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