Essay Sample on E-Learning: A Time-Saving & Easier Way to Train Employees

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Date:  2023-02-27


E-learning is the means of learning that is usually technology-enhanced, virtual instruction, or internet-based training that is achieved through the use of computer facilitation. E-learning is much easier to use in employee training than the traditional mode of learning because there is always the availability of information to be accessed. It is also time-saving since the employees have the freedom to access the information at their own time. All is needed for the employee is to ensure that they make the information available online by creating a training tab on the website of the organization to enable the employee to login. In this context, e-learning is not described as the future occurrence, but it is taking place now. E-learning is described as a preparation technique and their latent blockades about the e-learning enthusiasm.

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Potential Barricades of E-Learning Willingness

E-learning enthusiasm is usually described as how an association is prepared in instigating e-learning. Various factors are considered in determining how well an organization is ready. They include the environment of economic organization, education, and availability of resources. When an organization has inadequate resources, it means that there will be an obstruction to the willingness of e-learning. The resources include technological devices, financial resources, and sufficient computers that are required in facilitating the process. Lack of all these resources creates a barricade for e-learning. An association is expected to have enough content to create a platform where the employees can learn and impart them positively (Al-Azawei, Parslow & Lundqvist, 2016). If the organization lacks specific content, they create a barricade to e-learning enthusiasm. The environment of the association should suit the employees. In case the employees fail to embrace the means of learning that is provided by the organization, a barrier to e-learning readiness is created. Therefore every organization is highly advised to prepare the employees earlier even before any implementation of the mode of learning is carried out. Earlier preparedness allows the employees to internalize the method of learning is provided; hence, they chose whether to embrace it or not.

How E-Learning Enthusiasm has Impacted My Success at Ashford University

E-learning has positively influenced my experience at Ashford University. There is the availability of information online; thus, it has significantly made it possible for me to access information whenever I want. As a student, I have a driving force of completing my course through the knowledge I have acquired. Modules are appropriately introduced, enabling me to understand all the objectives (Omer, 2017). When I find any issue, I am at ease of contacting my instructor for any further directions. Ashford University has matters researched based on the organizations and students that may result in any problems that pertain to module navigation or computer literacy. The most significant advantage is program flexibility. E-Learning is a proper means for time management by offering appropriate time for meeting any requirements that are needed.

What a Trainer can do to Prepare Students for E-Learning

For any mentor to prepare students for e-learning, they are required to provide all the necessary resources such as the internet and computers that enable the learners to access the media. As a trainer, one is required to create an environment that is allowing, for instance, a situation that psychologically prepares the employees to shift from the traditional mode of learning to e-learning quickly (Habeeb, 2018). The employee's attitude in transition means a lot since it is essential to ensure that they fully embrace the e-learning process.


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