Personal Statement: For Dental School Admission

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2022-05-17

When I was growing up in Michigan, it had not occurred to me that I would develop an interest in medical practice. I was rather overshadowed by my father who for as long as I have known him, he has always been an enthusiast of the motor industry. The enormous time I spent beside him and the way he used to take me along with him to his company's workshops made me develop some attraction to the automotive industry not knowing that mine was only an emulation of a son to a father's life which seemed satisfactory. It was until our nanny started experiencing problems with her teeth that my passion to work in dentistry was triggered. This was one of her toughest times and made me changed the whole perspective regarding clinical medicine.

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Our nanny was this cheerful lady I grew up around. She had a problem with her tooth developing a cavity over time. The tooth had been filled several times until it came to this instance when the tooth took her through a lot of pain and sleepless nights. I accompanied her to her next visit to a dental unit care. The dentist recommended that the tooth be extracted and so an extraction was performed. During that session, I was allowed to be present and I got really captivated by the way the operating dentist performed. All along I feared that removing a tooth would be a painful experience, especially by relating to how I had witnessed the lady suffer but things were all in contrary. Soon after the extraction, she healed and her tooth problem had vanished. My experience with our nanny dental problem made me realize how much I wanted to help people solve dental problems and from there henceforth I continuously sort to learn more and more about dental health and dentistry field. Something that at first was out of my reach and I could not imagine loving that path, particularly of clinical medicine.

My urge shifted from wanting to join my father to motor workshops and motor shows since I had realized a passion in my life. I started joining Michigan Community Dental Clinics as a volunteer where I spent a lot of time with practitioners at Charlotte Clinic. My time with them gave me courage and motivation to pursue a dentist career through which I would put smiles on people's faces and get to help many people who would find themselves affected by serious dental problems that are preventable through simple dental care practices, probably due to lack of knowledge.


My involvement with Charlotte Clinic helped me understand various procedures involving implants and bridges, braces, extraction, teeth whitening, veneers, and bonding. I have never found such a satisfying endeavor in my life as the feeling my volunteering experience with Michigan Community Dental Clinics has always brought to me. From the joy I have witnessed healed patients express to the professionalism and skilfulness of the practitioner I have interacted with, it is undoubtedly to me that a career in dentistry is my best profession I can ever pursue. This is because that experience built in me a strong virtue that I know will drive me towards my entire career life, particularly in the dental clinic.

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