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Date:  2022-12-02


Addressing a global market is quite challenging due to the individuals' diversity regarding background, demographic traits, and culture. The marketer is expected to adopt comprehensive strategies that solve these differences to achieve the objectives of making huge profits. The invention of the internet is essential in communication across culture as it makes people feel united despite the varieties. Business personnel has embraced the use of websites as a way of combating consumer diversity in their selling activities. Notably, these online platforms require special modification such as cultural customization to make them effective.

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Although most digital sellers do not see the value of cultural customization, the process is very significant to internet marketing. It refers to the step of twisting selling messages and ideas to fit the aesthetic preferences of the targeted market (Ajanee, 2008). Importantly, it involves the proper understanding of the expectations as well as the perception of the receiver of the messages (Ajanee, 2008). This activity is critical for online selling as it increases the customer's interests in the product since they can relate to it. First, cultural customization makes a website unique as it can manage to represent the attitude, beliefs, and desires of the targeted audience (Singh, 2017). Moreover, it increases the buyers' intention to purchase as it is easy to connect with (Sing, 2017). The choice of the represented cultural aspects in the site makes the focused clients feel engaged and recognized; thus, they get motivated to buy the item.

Chiefly, many website users tend to confuse culture customization with translation. Translation is quite shallow than the latter since it focused on interpreting languages only (Singh, 2017). More, so, it does not pay attention to the context of the translated word; thus, it confuses different communities that speak the same tongue. Culture customization deals deeply with cultural things such as beliefs, attitudes, dressing, perception and gender roles (Amo, 2009). Besides, it also touches on stereotypic descriptions such as the love of color of targeted prospect

Color is one of the cultural variables that are used in the customization of websites. Colors make websites attracting and motivates visitors to browse through (Williams, 2016). They enhance the visual effects that make the online audience notice the site. Moreover, proper choice of color increases the eligibility of the text in the websites; thus it enhances communication (William, 2016). For instance, websites texts that are written using dull colors are usually difficult to be read. Notably, the use of color helps in shaping the content (Williams, 2016). They are used in defining the mood of the website message. For instance, bright colors imply happiness whereas dull represents somber mood (Williams, 2016). Furthermore, color selection help in determining the intended audience of a website (Williams, 2016). For example, dull is meant or the elderly for the males while shiny for the females or young people

Consequently, cultural customization is an essential strategy in digital marketing as it facilitates specification regarding context and target audience. The marketer manages to sell his/her ideas without altering the information since he/she is familiar with the issue to concentrate on regarding cultural aspects. For instance, a local audience will have different preference taste from an international one. It is, therefore, critical for a seller to distinguish community traits during this process to avoid confusion and distortion of data.


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