Effective Management Techniques for Organizational Success - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-24


Management methods refer to how an organization controls its processes and resources. The practices mainly affect Organizing, planning, and performance, among other managerial functions. Quality management techniques ensure that organizational resources are well managed. It also provides proper planning of the projects, and this entails adequate management of the social support of that particular organization (Molina et al., 2015). Therefore, proper management techniques improve the general performance of the organization. The paper will elaborate on how quality management methods can enhance the performance of an organization. The type of management technique used in an organization determines how the company performs Noe (2017). Some of the quality management methods that an organization can use include; Authoritative style, Democratic style, and Directive style, among others.

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Democratic management style is the most effective style that an organization can implement for better performance. This is mainly because Democratic management methods involve all the employees in the decision-making process as opposed to Authoritative and, directive management styles, among others, Noe (2017). This ensures teamwork and effective communication within the organization. Employees are highly favored in the decision-making process, thus increasing team morale. Besides, quality management is achievable through a manager who has the right managerial skills. These skills include; social skills, conceptual skills, and technical skills Nahin Katz (2015). Human ability is also one of the critical areas that managers should focus on decision making.

For better performance, managers should know how to relate to their employees and how to establish a good working relationship. Excellent communication skills and the ability to solve problems are also integral areas for successful management. From an economic perspective, an excellent management method is the one that enables managers to scan the environment, identify the available demand in the market, and lay down resources to satisfy the requirement (Levina et al., 2015). The ability to adapt to changes in the business environment is very crucial when it comes to the performance of an organization.


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