Aspect of Culture in Turkey and America - Essay Sample

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Date:  2021-06-15

Cultural diversity refers to having different cultures in a single society or country. There are significant variations in the way societies organize themselves. Evidently, the system of the government is different in several important aspects. The USA and Turkey are both democracy-running countries, but the value and the customs of countries are quite different from each other. Observations on cultural differences are based on peoples weaknesses, which reflect the inability to connect with culture. A fundamental difference between USA and Turkey is the population. Notably, USA is four times more populous than Turkey despite the Turks having a higher birth rate than the Americans do. Consequently, Turkey spends less money on health care, consumes less oil, uses less electric and the Turks are less likely to be imprisoned or infected with HIV/AIDS than Americans.

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Second, USAs higher education is better than that in Turkey. Moreover, Turkey suffers from high unemployment rates, which force graduates to seek an alternative to using their degree abroad, for example, in the USA. Although the first Amendment in the USA is to give people freedom of religion, speech, and press, these are only on the paper. Likewise, Turkeys citizen is 90% Muslim, but the country runs law of secularism. Neither the USA nor Turkey gives full freedom to the people of the land. However, both countries have a similar level of understanding and allow religious freedom. Fourth, both countries are a melting pot culture of many nations with one place, one flag, and one heart. Similarly, the cuisine in the two countries differs significantly. In particular, the Mediterranean cuisine is authentic and combines ethnic cultures of Greeks, Armenians, and Arabs. However, the American food consists mainly of fast food, which is an unhealthy commercial food.

In conclusion, both countries have similarities and differences. That is a unique way of saying; the differences are my richness because these differences allow me to select what is best for my lifestyle and me. Therefore, I intend to take best from both countries but looking back at what is not appreciated in the society.

Arranged Marriage

In some cultures, an arranged marriage is objectionable. The traditional method of arranged marriage is the best way to find a partner in todays world because ever since humanity, people in the society keep similar values where they have grown up. Although some argue that people should get to know each other before marriage, people still know each other after a marriage has been agreed. However, good-intended arranged marriages will best match couples to each other and are suitable for extended family and society. Notably, the social and economic status of people, which depends on their position in society, does not change dramatically. Moreover, most marriage candidates have similar backgrounds.

Mainly, there are key aspects to consider before choosing a marriage partner. First, partners should know when and how to compromise for each other. Similarly, engaged couples should know what the primary purpose of getting married before the wedding is. However, some people may disagree. In particular, they prefer that engaged couples know each other before getting married. Furthermore, people believe that knowing each other is an essential part of making the final decision of getting married. Increasingly, the engaged couples decide when and how to get married. Moreover, this decision is not easy, and the society does not always have the right answer.

To conclude, I believe that arranged marriage is good for todays young people. In my opinion, it is more suitable for what God intends for us. Arranged marriages will be better in the current society with surrounding real supportive people. Nevertheless, arrange marriages help to stop people for their procrastination, which has increased the numbers of old single people. However, it is clear that engagement of marriages approaches the human ability to reason; the God will become a more reliable source.

Debt or Death

The depictive desire of life, to provide a living, and enjoy life requires having a good solid foundation to stand up for upcoming perceptivity on advertising government rules and regulation. Therefore, we have to open our eyes and minds, for we should know how to deal with our lives. Furthermore, we must get control of our money and spending before unhappiness, divorce, foreclosure of the house or even death occurs. We could build a kingdom of happiness by knowing how to deal with learning, wanting, and owning.

Overall, people should learn how to manage money at an early age, and different stages of life should be dealt with differently. While using the money, just like a vehicle, one must follow the rules of driving. Consequently, debt does not arise because the person applies the laws and principles of managing finances in his or her life that would be a good foundation for his or her bright future. By knowing means, that one understands the benefits of having a good moral foundation regarding money.

Life has many fun and real luxuries. For example, when one is bored at home from being idle, he or she orders a big screen TV for entertainment. Notably, the largest car, house or most precious jewelry would not benefit us to meet our needs in life. Setting necessary rules and regulations regarding money protect people from getting into debt. Such deficits will lead to death if one fails to set his or her life back on track. Therefore, people should be cautious of bad influence. Mainly, people should learn to how to deal with debt before death occurs. Nevertheless, dealing with debt would be easy if people educate themselves with some fundamental continuing principles of life.

Emotional Disturbance

No doubts even I have experienced stress numerous times since I enrolled in college. Stress is normal, but for college students, it can drain them down very rapidly before achieving their goals if they cannot manage it successfully. No one can eliminate stress, but students can reduce and control it. Everyone has different approaches to managing stress. Students can learn to manage stress in three different ways: participating in physical exercises, sleeping adequately and eating nutritious food.

Physical activity gives students energy and relieves stress. Regular exercise can lead to both internal and external and an active mind. Notably, it reduces the chance of contracting diseases. In particular, when one exercises regularly, the heart works better in blood circulation, which nourishes the brain with fresh oxygen and nutrients and helps the body work better. Similarly, sleeping recharges peoples batteries. In fact, it gives individuals new life every day. Everyone should get adequate sleep each day, which is essential to maintaining good health. Additionally, monitoring good health involves eating healthy, sleeping adequately, and exercising frequently. Consequently, people perform their daily activities well.

Nutrition gives us fuel to our mind and body. The priority to eat nutritious food is essential to living healthy or less stressful lifestyles. Furthermore, the body and the mind need adequate vitamins, which they cannot get from unhealthy fast foods, coffee or no food. Therefore, everyone should start the day with a healthy breakfast and fruit, which is a good way to sustain a stress-free soul.

The Big Scum

Why do people believe in false hope, one that would not benefit them in having a productive lifestyle? I think humanity should ignore politicians who want to go to Mars. Furthermore, need the finances used in transport through space is essential to living in this world peacefully. Therefore, politicians should focus on safety on earth first before giving people false hopes. Although many think that not every one of these untouchable likes changes the human conditions, it would bring disaster to all people if we do not put humanity and earth first.

Clearly, the solution to this problem is that leaders need to understand our needs and put them before their selfish desires. It is undeniable that scientists will continue to pursue the possibility of living on Mars, but what they fail to acknowledge is the will of the God. Moreover, God created all planets and made earth the only perfect world in which humankind should live. However, politicians, as usual, continue to use our weakness as weapons against us.

Notably, technology is not ready for humans. Moreover, there are many obstacles like high costs, health risks to astronauts and speculative ventures. It is worthwhile to invest on current issues, which would be a much rewarding achievement to humankind. In particular, peoples rights should be prioritized. Thus, entities should focus on discovering more ways to protect planet Earth. Therefore, people do not need false hope; instead, they need the basic living conditions to change. Moreover, many peoples lifestyle is in social crises. We as the people can achieve the greatest change of humankind, but first, we need to believe in our heart.

The Psychological Cause of Internet Addiction

The Internet has led to a lot easier life that is more comfortable by increasing the accessibility to information to all and developing connections with different individuals around the word. However, it has led to people spending so much time in front of the computer that it has become the center of their lives. This type of lifestyle, called internet addiction, leads to various psychological impacts such as depression, boredom or restless. Notably, Internet addiction slowly takes over a person when online, and after the online session, the person may feel a sense of depression, loneliness, guilt or hopelessness. Some people become addicted to the internet because of social connections they make online. When a person has many online friends and no real friends to talk to, they develop internet addiction. The addicted person starts to feel his or her lives only being real when he is in front of the monitor and does not know how to stop the symptom, which destroys the emotional health of the addicted person.

Many people get enormous benefits from technology every day for a good reason, but they do not limit their screen time or how they spend their time. Notably, what they fail to realize is that they have an addiction, which results without knowing. Therefore, they need to gain the skill and ability to see what their mindset is. Otherwise, they remain stuck with an unknown reality, which often leads to depression. Notably, the greatest technological invention of the 20th century, the internet, has been changing peoples and the society l that leads to most people having lonely and sad lives. It is not an easy fix to this problem unless an internet user educates oneself to balance between virtual life and reality.

The Students Achievement

There are three things students should avoid to be successful in college, namely, lack of life goals, poor stress management, and not knowing what is important. Notably, students who do not lose focus eventually achieve the goal of becoming a professional adult. First, having life goals is significant to academic excellence. Concrete and achievable goals act as a compass in students lives. Notably, students with clear goals can figure out what matters to them much easier.

Second, knowing how to deal with life, despite the many obstacles that fill it, helps students to be successful in college. For example, stress is a common obstacle in a students life. However, it is avoidable if students recognize it early. Additionally, students should have activities that contribute to reducing stress. For instance, activities such as physical exercise, social engagement...

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