Essay Sample on Communication as Important Factor in Health Care

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Date:  2022-11-29


Delivering health care services to patients in the modern world involves several medical practitioners, these health care practitioners need to share information about the patient efficiently so that they can be able to manage the patient's health effects. However, there are several issues which have affected effective communication between the practitioners in the health care delivery system and between the patients and the health care providers. For instance, health care practitioners may communicate in a way that is not easily comprehensible for the patient who is seeking services at the health care facility, the patient or the health care provider may also be from a different culture or a special culture. This means that the practitioner or the patient may not understand the communication strategies used. Another challenge that may affect communication between health care practitioners and patients is the language that is used. The patient may not be able to understand the language that is used by the practitioner. As a Patient Diversity Coordinator, it is prudent to lay out the value of communication in the health care delivery system. Effective communication ensures that the delivery of health care services is effective.

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Effective communication between medical practitioners and patients ensures that the patients are provided with individualized care. Through proper communication, patients can express themselves properly and also the practitioners can understand the challenges that are unique to the patient and offer care that is specialized for the patient. This will lead to better health care outcomes. Communication is also an important factor in health care delivery as patients will be able to disclose more information about the way they feel if they are well understood by medical practitioners. The patients can disclose their true symptoms much easily, clearly and quickly so that they can receive the attention and care that is needed from the health care providers. In case the communication is not efficient, the patients may not be able to give information about their true feelings or symptoms, this leads to misdiagnosis which affects the health outcomes at the end. With effective communication between the patient and the practitioners, patients often feel more satisfied with the results or the care that they have been given at the health care facility.

Interpersonal communication is also essential between the patient and the medical practitioner. According to studies, having interpersonal communication, one can be able to have innate satisfaction. In this case, the patient can be satisfied innately, and the medical practitioner can also be innately satisfied with the services that he or she has delivered. In health care settings, having satisfying interpersonal communication which occurs when there is proper communication, the patient will be able to feel more loved, secure and confident of the services which have been offered by the medical practitioner. This is essential in ensuring that the patient's treatment is effective and that he or she recovers well. It should also be noted that effective communication is not only beneficial to the patients; it is also beneficial to medical practitioners, especially to the nurses who attend to the patients. Proper communication helps in boosting the morale of the practitioners to offer sufficient and effective care to the patients. Proper communication also allows practitioners to share information about the patients and find proper ways of helping the patients get treatment and recover from their conditions.

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