Studying the Effects of Energy Drinks

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Date:  2021-03-06

Reasons why studying the Effects of Energy drink is important:

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Scientists have endeavored to examine the effects of energy drinks to discover the impact of consuming energy drinks on the human body. They would like to discover the energy contribution the drinks supply when consumed. In analyzing the effects of these drinks, researchers wish to determine what component of the drink contribute to the supplication of energy and in what proportion should these components maintained for the drinks to be within the parameters of healthy beverages. The effects of addition of other chemicals are also studied and their impact on the contribution to the supply of energy by the drink. When this intricate chemical analysis are determined in modern laboratories, the results are packaged into simple nuggets of information discernible by a common citizen (Childs and de Wit).

In analyzing the effect of these drinks, we aim to understand whether these drinks are responsible for the provision of an extra energy boost, promoting wakefulness, enhance alertness of individuals, and stimulate cognitive abilities and mood enhancement. If these drinks are responsible for these stated effects, it is important to also know how the body utilizes and breaks down the components of these drinks, caffeine, taurine, 1-carnitine, carbohydrates, glucuronolactone, vitamins and herbal supplements such as guarana and ginseng, for it to cause the effects such as provision of extra energy boost, promoting wakefulness, enhance alertness of individuals, stimulate cognitive abilities and mood enhancement (Haskell et al.). The other importance of studying these drinks is to sensitize the masses about the healthy limit of drinking energy drinks.

The topic is pertinent in revealing the long-term psychological effects and impact on the quality of life the drinks will have on an individual who consumes copious amounts of these drinks. The effects on sleep patterns, the well-being on an individual and mental illness. The topic also focuses on providing additional literature on the effects of these drinks and the physiological and emotional effects the drinks have when mixed with alcoholic drinks (Koran, Aboujaoude and Gamel).

The topic will also provide additional information on the benefits of consuming these drinks within the acceptable health limit. Such effects include improvement of mental performance. A person who consumes energy drinks tends to have improved concentration and memory retention. In studying the effects of this topic, we intend to add more information to the already existing body of knowledge on discerning how the components of the drink, the combination of the constituents, or the differing of concentrations of elements of the drink have differential effects on the users of these drinks.

We intended to establish and add more information on the impact an energy drink will have on the mood of an individual. Research has shown improved and enhanced spirits of well-being, social interaction, and vitality in people who have consumed an energy drink. During activities that are fatiguing and cognitively demanding tasks, energy drinks rich in carbohydrates, carbonation and caffeine have shown to enhance or maintain the individuals mood and performance.

Studying the topic would intend to shed more light on the effect of energy on sleep. As scientists, we wish to show whether consuming these drinking has effect on reducing sleepiness that would encourage drivers to consume the drinks to reduce driving mistakes such lane swerving and sleepiness when driving. In studies, subjects who drink energy drinks have testified to being more alert and experience less sleepiness when driving. The topic would want to add more literature on this subject and explore the effects the components of energy drink have on the body to suppress sleepiness. The topic also wishes to investigate the negative effects of the drinks on sleep with some subjects during studies reporting early morning awakening and daytime drowsiness (Childs and de Wit).

Does energy drink have an impact on decision making? This is a question the topic would like to answer. If it does, then it is important to study the topic to understand the dynamics of the association between the energy level and optimum level of sound decision making. These drinks are frequently consumed alone or when mixed with alcohol. Subjects in studies have purported to consume energy drinks by mixing it with alcohol because it enhances the taste of the alcoholic drinks. Researchers have suggested that the use of energy drink mixed with alcohol reduces the decision-making capability of people, and they are prone to engage in risky behaviors such as failure to use seat belts, fighting, sexually risky engagements and prone to marijuana use (Brache and Stockwell).

The study of this topic will be an imperative tool in showing the areas of study where there is little information about the impact of energy drinks but shrouded with numerous superstition and fallacies. Sensitizing the mass on the proven psychological, physiological, emotional and social effects of energy drinking will be a positive move towards the proper use of these beverages. There is an imperative need to make known to consumers the negative effects of these drinks when abused, and studying this topic ensures that now and in the near future. Since the number of consumers of energy drinks is increasing it is pertinent that scientist continue to discern the effects of the drink on the human body (Anderson and Horne).


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