American English Dialects Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-28

English as a language is complex which accounted for the inability of the native English speakers failing to use it properly. America has a dozen of dialects which are presented with different accents. This can also be witnessed in other English-speaking countries (Fridland, Kendall & Farrington, 2014). As the dialects advance, the complexity of the language increases with regards to diverse factors. Some factors promote the slight differences in the American English dialects. The regional variations and the dialectical variations sum the more significant portion of the English language diversity. The dialectical diversity in the US brings out a variety of ideas that are painted based on the illumination of the diversity. This paper takes a keen interest in some of the lesson presented from the dialectical diversity in the US.

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Different regions exhibit different English dialect. The regional differences are characterized in various forms of English dialects. The stand out dialects of Dallas, Birmingham, New York Philadelphia among others varies from one state to another. According to Labov, African Americans have developed a similar dialect which is prevalent across the different states of the US (Fridland, Kendall & Farrington, 2014). On the other hand, the grammar adopted by African American is different from the mainstream dialects used across the US' major cities. The African American dialect conquers the regional differences that bring out the diversity in the American dialects.

Political forces are believed to contribute immensely to the diversity in the English dialect in the American population. The political forces drive the changes exhibited in the different dialects such as the blue and the red states which show parallel dialects concerning the geographical reversal experienced in the political parties. The politics of race along with slavery portrays the origin of linguistic divergence which impacts on the diverse dialects among the populations.

According to Labov, the expectations of the of the mass culture aiding in diminishing the differences in the US regions is shuttered in the different dialects evident in the various states of the US (Levitt, 2016). The states are different from each other as opposed to a hundred years ago. According to Labov, the geographical origin and timing have impacted the change in dialect, especially in African American. With regards to Labov and other two linguists, the change in English pronunciation has progressed over the years. The evolution of the English dialects in the native Americans can be realized with the difference in the languages across the Northern, Central and southern parts of the US states.

Additionally, Labov establishes a significant connection with the recent changes in language in the US with political alienation as well as national and regional politics (Levitt, 2016). This points out English in the US with regards to multilingualism. Multilingualism is a common phenomenon across the world which is presented among the US population based on regions, dialects, and accent.


In conclusion, the dialects of the US population exhibit varying features which have eliminated the anticipated diminishing of cultural diversity in the population. The English language was purposefully expected to serve as unifying factor among the US citizens. However, the different regional dialects have risen over the centuries equipping each state with different accent and dialect. The dialectical differences are nevertheless linked to the political forces, regional differences and the geographical differences as well as timing.


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Levitt, S. R. (2016). Cultural dialectics in international teamwork dynamics. International Journal of Business Communication, 2329488416629094.

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