Personal Learning Events Paper Example

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The 10 weeks of the semester has been very interesting, I have gained a lot from the unit professional development-self relations. This paper illustrates my deep understanding and real experiences that are associated with respectful engagement. At the end of the paper, I detail my implementation plan towards achieving the desired goal regarding respectful management.

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Personal Learning Events

Learning Context

I have learned many traits about myself throughout this course, and it has assisted me to point out my strengths and weakness in learning management. The management process consists of four steps such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling ("Six steps to efficient management", 2007). I believe that every person belongs to all four categories of management while maintaining a specific aspect. Without these four traits, there would not be an efficient manager. Management overall taught me how to handle different situations during group discussions and have the trouble of being a manager. Throughout this course, I figured out that I am a very hard working person and I work well with others. After filling out each assessment test after every class, I have realized that my management skills are progressively improving.

After taking the week 6 assessment, I realized that my most common weakness is team leading. I noticed in the Management Traits Assessment that I would score lower on the statements that required leadership and organizing group members. I do realize this when doing my presentations; I would be afraid to teach new concepts because I am scared to take leadership. I often like to be the one being taught about concepts so that if I make mistakes, I know whom to turn to for assistance. Family life, travel opportunities, and work environments have shaped my social experiences. Each aspect has influenced my personal development concerning being resilient, confident, reliable, and self-sufficient.

It is important for me to understand my weakness so that I can turn them to strengths and apply them positively in the future. Surprisingly, I also noticed that I am not as adaptive to group changes. In the "How Adaptable Are You?" self-assessment test, I score only 25 showing that I have the moderate adaptability to new changes. I think the main reason for this low score is because it is hard for me to not overact to changes. I have a more structured mindset, which can result, to my behavior being obsessive compulsive. In the past, I tended to compare myself to others, which made me feel inadequate most of the time.

For example, if I were given bad news, I would not be able to take my mind off it to do other tasks. I would try my best to brush the bad new off but it will always be glued in my mind and it substantiality affects my performance. However, weaknesses are not something to be ashamed of; rather it is something to make room for improvement. There is no such thing as a perfect student because mistakes occur every day and we do the best we can to resolve them.

Although I love to work with others, I am a strong believer in working alone at times. I believe that group work is sometimes difficult to get tasks done with many minds thinking differently. My perceived self-control is based on how I respond to what is occurring in my social environment. I feel confident in controlling my behavior and actions even if I am unable to control the situation around me. My sense of self-control is more of a misapprehension because I occasionally become reactive during group sessions or interaction with friends. It was during the sixth week that I decided to fix this.

Respectful Engagement

The ability to control emotions permits acceptance of an individual's thoughts and state of mind regarding personal preferences and social circumstances (Kidney & McDonald, 2014) Self-control has closely been linked to mental and physical well-being (Burkitt, 2017). Emotion regulation refers to the cognitive appraisal of the positive and negative emotions through the application of a plan. (Burkitt, 2017) Describes helping as a common pro-social behavior that occurs in mostly in workplaces where responsibilities are complex and codependent. Collaboration is essential in such a scenario to increase efficiency in the workplace. Seeking and providing specialized assistance is part of the daily activities and assists individuals to address demand. The conceptualization of respect differs regarding compelling valuation and cognitive valuation.

Respectful engagement includes the substance and importance of personal interactions, resulting in conditions that require individuals to engage (Fedesco, 2014). Various authors argue that respectful relations are generative in that the related interaction ways result to psychological and behavioral characteristics and serve as vital means of enabling individual's enthusiasm and skills for a voluntary act (Zhan & Ren, 2013). (Ren, 2013) Suggest that when individuals are treated with respect, they develop the feeling of being valuable in a group hence increasing confidence about themselves. Correspondingly, research has established that when individuals show respect to others, they feel involved and acknowledged and therefore they are prepared to participate or contribute.

Recovering Strategy

It is hard work to maintain set plans while good intentions are not adequate to cause improvement. Human beings tend to be unsure on whether to effect a change. It is essential to formulate strategies that assist in resisting desire (Friedman, Carmeli & Dutton, 2015). The priority strategy that I have applied is noting down the mistakes that result in poor respectful engagement and viewing myself as a free person responsible for my actions. Feeling in control will assist me to instill discipline to adhere to my strategy that will guide my choices. Each week, I have a list of underutilized measure of self-control that I try to use in a relationship. Active listening and effective questioning is a mindful activity that requires sufficient attention.

Listening partly or fully means setting entirety everything aside and recognizing the other individual so that they have a response, indicating you are listening attentively and appreciating their opinions (Weger, Castle Bell, Minei & Robinson, 2014). However, understanding does not necessarily mean agreeing, active listening is mainly essential in instances where parties conflict, and the other party feels you understand their point of view. Hence, a cooperative environment can be established to ascertain the probability of solving the engagement.

Paying special attention to cues of the body, gestures by other people and regular communication to build and maintain respect (Sung & Lee, 2015). Moreover, I practice affirmation by utilizing each day's activities to express what I value in the individuals. Practicing effect listening skills through the use of inquiry and clarification questions will assist in thinking critically about thinking critically about thinking critically about the proper comprehension of information.

After week 6 of activity, these strategies show a significant impact on willpower and improving on active listening and responding. I could feel more confident interacting with members outside group and find purpose working as a team.

The Vision for the Future

I anticipate that in the next 2 years, I hope to pursue my career and hopefully become a business manager at a big company in Australia. It is necessary to know about management because it is the reason why things are done around a company (Zaki, & Williams, 2013). Without the proper training of managers, it can affect a whole workforce such as lower employees and the overall the company. There is always room for knowledge in a good manager and those set of skills that lasts a lifetime, can be applied anywhere personally or in the business industry.

Although the business field is growing wide each day, I have a particular interest in the managerial aspect that I find attracting and more interesting. At that moment, I shall be working for a big company and dealing with a variety of workers and many relationships with co-workers, employers, and clients. The position will probably be the highest position since the start of my career, and I know I must work diligently to attain my career goal. It might sound easy to keep a balance between career and life; however, it is a tough challenge, and it will serve as a secondary goal for a year.

In addition, I am now still fearful to dream of big things sometimes; it might be the consequence of my willpower, so I expect myself to be more confident and braver to dream big. I would convert myself from a no-man to a yes-man who prefers to say yes rather than the one who cannot say no, I should be more open up to new tasks, which provide me new skills and experiences. Besides my career, my greedy self-evokes many calls from within. I possess high hopes concerning world peace and development. I hope that one day my dreams to be on utopia, respect the existence of each other and peace will conquer our land. Each one needs to understand the impression, purpose, and message of life and live together in a caring and peaceful world (Priem & Solomon, 2015).

Moreover, I desire that the society admits their advantages and disadvantages and try to benefit from the pool of resources that they have, regardless of how difficult situations might turn (Fineman, S. 2005). I hope that this can open up the appreciation of the talents and skills that the youth possess. Age is not supposed to control an individual's activities. I had a desire to look cool as a comedian and to be perceived as cool since I was young; in the past, every time performing in front my audience, I concentrated too much, about how I looked. Recently, I found the true purpose of comedy; I want to bring joyfulness up for others and myself. It would be great if I would be able to perform in some charity activities or involve my comedy tactics in charity projects. Each aspect has influenced my personal development in terms of being resilient, confident, reliable, and self-sufficient. My self- presentation is very genuine because I believe that people can read character to a certain degree. I display a good level of integrity, respect and a positive attitude because that is who I believe I am in general...

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