Essay Sample on Child Anemia: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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Anemia is a state where the amount of blood is below the average amount for your child's age. A child may become anemic if their bodies do not produce enough red blood cells, destroy too many red blood cells, and loses red blood cells through bleeding. The most common causes of iron-deficiency in children include; low birth weight, gastro-intestinal losses, which is related to excess intake of milk from cows, and insufficient intake together with rapid growth (Hathcock, 2017). The common signs and symptoms of anemia are; pale or yellow skin, pale cheeks, and lips, slowed growth and development, irritability, fatigue, mild weakness, the lining of the eyelids may look less pink than the normal among others. When the signs and symptoms get detected at an early stage, they are treatable (Hathcock, 2017). Iron-deficiency anemia and other nutritional diseases can be prevented by ensuring that your child is on a well-balanced diet, serving iron-rich foods, not overdoing milk, and promoting absorption of dietary iron. Children with anemia caused by low iron levels may be non-food things like ice, clay, and paper, among others (Hathcock, 2017).

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Vitamins and Supplement Question

Question One

Because excess is harmful and generally more likely than inadequacies, men and postmenopausal women should not take iron supplements. Smokers should not take beta carotene supplements given that high doses are associated with increased lung cancer and mortality (Hathcock, 2017). Postmenopausal females are always advised not to take Vitamin A supplements because excess retinol is associated with increased risk of hip fractures and reduced bone density (Pollitt, 2011). Surgery patients should not take Vitamin E supplements during the week before surgery because it acts as a blood thinner. Supplements of Vitamin E increase the risk of prostate cancer among healthy men (Pollitt, 2011).

Question Two

Supplements of iron (30 milligrams of the nutrient or more per tablet) are especially toxic and have caused fatalities among children.

Question Three

Documentation of the antagonist effects of the interactions of vitamins and minerals.

Magnesium hinders copper and calcium absorption. Iron inhibits the absorption of zinc. Calcium blocks the absorption of magnesium and iron. Iron inhibits the absorption of calcium and iron (Pollitt, 2011). Vitamin K interferes with vitamin E metabolism when taken over the long term as a dietary supplement. Vitamins E antagonizes vitamin K activity.

Question Four

In correcting overt deficiency disease, a doctor might recommend two to ten times therapeutic doses the AI (or RDA) of a nutrient. In the depicted high doses, the supplement acts like a drug and has a pharmacological impact.

Question Five

During menstruation, too much blood is always lost, which makes women require efficient iron every month. Childbearing age women also need folate supplements to decrease the risks of neural tube defects (Pollitt, 2011). Moreover, a single dose of vitamin K should be given to newborns at birth to curb abnormal bleeding. The elderly may need vitamin D and vitamin B12.

Question Six

It is false that even athletes can meet their nutrient needs without the help of supplements.

Lesson Learned

It is essential to get enough vitamins and minerals as they are requirements in nutrition nutrition


Hathcock, J. N. (2017). Vitamins and minerals: efficacy and safety. The American journal of clinical nutrition, 66(2), 427-437. Doi: 10.1093/ajcn/66.2.427

Pollitt, E. (2011). The developmental and probabilistic nature of the functional consequences of iron-deficiency anemia in children. The Journal of Nutrition, 131(2), 669S-675S. Doi: 10.1093/jn/131.2.669S

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