Essay Sample on American Promise: Idris and Seun's Journey of Education and Motivation

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Date:  2023-01-14


There continues to exist a relatively broad scope of racial, class, and opportunity struggle within the broader American society. As a result, several individuals are subjected to a varying degree of jeopardizing phenomenon in trying to reach their ultimate goals of life. For instance, in the film "American Promise," Idris and Seun go through a series of barriers in the journey of education. Therefore, Idris and Seun's success journey opens up several attitudes and motivation that they held towards school.

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Idris and Seun are presented as being school lovers initially (Brewster, 2013). On the first day the two boys reported in the Dalton School, they are deemed to be bright and funny. They are unable to hide their joy and excitement as they go through doors of Dalton. Their parents also hold high expectation of their children. For instance, Idris father asserts that his son is highly gifted. Therefore, the parents' high expectations and the boy's excitement on the day of reportage in school affirms the boys' optimistic attitude towards school initially.

Nevertheless, the optimistic attitude is replaced with low self-esteem sometime later. For instance, Seun's mum, Stacey, decries her son brushing his gums to a dangerous level in an attempt to make them pink like his white classmates. On the other hand, Idris has lost grip on decorous demeanors, and as a consequence, he is falling out of control (Brewster, 2013). Additionally, his grades begin falling, that sends his parents into a sense of panic. Idris opens up about being ignored by girls in school and tells his father he would have been better if he was white. Thus, Idris clearly illustrate a discontent attitude due to the prejudice he is subjected to in a white dominant school.

Nonetheless, Seun's change of school from Dalton to an African American school resuscitates his academic pre-eminence until the death of his brother overcomes him (Stephenson, 2013). The fact that he was able to rejuvenate his academic ability is asserted on the veracity that he derived his success from the African American school. In essence, Seun needed a change in environment as a motivation for him to excel. The Dalton school left him at the mercies of racial prejudice, but the African American school made him feel valued and belonging somewhere. Conversely, Idris is joined by yet more African American students at Dalton School. Idris, therefore, feels emancipated from the bondage of white dominance in Dalton. A rising number of African Americans students in Dalton become the primary motivator Idris resuscitating his playful side. Even though he fails to make it to his father's preferred Oxford university choice for him, still he can navigate to an alternative college and completes higher education.


In winding up, therefore, Seun and Idris are evidentially subjected to an unfriendly environment at the beginning. The aloof Dalton environment is principally the basis for their failure to realize their ultimate academic and personal potential in the beginning. However, Seun's change of school and Dalton School's admission of more African American students enables the two boys to realize their potential once again. However, it is also imperative for parents to be liberal and not to force decisions, some of which are unsound on their children. Therefore, Seun and Idris's parents ought to have vividly analyzed their choices before taking their sons to the Dalton School.


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Brewster, J., Stephenson, M., & Beard, H. (2013). Promises Kept: Raising black boys to succeed in school and life. Spiegel & Grau.

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