Personal Statement on Applying for a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Wordcount:  574 Words
Date:  2023-03-26


I am making an application at the Western Reserve University due to my interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. My majors are materials science and energy. The university is well known due to its intellectual strength in material engineering, and it has pulled competent students globally. I have a great foundation of practical skills, cultural capability, and theoretical study of engaging in independent research. This makes me believe that I have the confidence to meet challenges from other applicants.

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At the Southwest University of Science and Technology, which is a famous university that enrolls brilliant students, I acquired a Bachelor of Engineering in Material Science and Engineering. While at the university, I acted as a student officer, where I organized different class activities and contributed to effective communications between faculty members and students. Furthermore, I was awarded the 4th SWUST Model Contest, Excellence Award in 2013 and Aeronautics and Astronautics Association of SWUST Excellent Member. Moreover, through the training I got from Boston University, I gained theories and knowledge in my specialty.

I have participated in different research and experimental work that would help me achieve my long term goal of continuing with my post-graduate and research after graduation. I also hope to find a faculty position in a university and conduct research while teaching. For instance, in 2018, I co-authored an article, "Solid-state reaction synthesis and chemical stability studies in Nd-doped zirconolite-rich ceramics." The article was published by the Journal of Rare Earths, and it discussed the solid-phase synthesis of neodymium-doped calcium titanium zircon and their chemical stability. I was also a lead author in 2017 of a magazine titled, "A Discussion on Experimental Teaching Reform of Metal Materials Engineering Specialty, published on China Equipment Engineering." In 2019, I participated in the international thesis project in Beijing, and the first draft has been submitted to the editor of the project thesis for feedback modification. Therefore, through different research work, I believe I will achieve my long term goal.

I am interested in the major of materials science and energy because since I was a child, I discovered that the development of this world is based on materials. It is only materials that limit most products that cannot be developed. In my sophomore year, I majored in metal materials. In the process of studying, I found that people have bad stereotypes about metal materials and think that metal materials are steelmaking and ironmaking. However, there are still many development directions. For example, my graduation project researched the use of metal oxides as oxidants to rock. Also, the preparation of the solidified body is used to solidify the high-level radioactive waste generated after nuclear power generation, and it is strengthened by the mixing of some cermet to obtain better performance building materials. After studying at the undergraduate level, I have a little understanding of the material field; thus, I chose energy and environment when choosing the concentration at the graduate level. The energy-related courses that I chose include the solar system, thermodynamics, dynamics, and solid physics. Since the university has an international background, I am enthusiastic about getting the chance to enrich myself with the required skills and knowledge in materials and energy. I hope to get some improvements from the already acquired knowledge to give full play my potential strength and initiative. Lastly, I believe getting the chance will highly contribute to my intelligence and enhance my participation in diverse research projects.

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