Essay Sample on Ageing: Preparing for Physical Challenges & Modifying Lifestyle

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Date:  2023-09-17


As time passes, every individual starts experiencing physical changes in their body, which are inevitable throughout the aging process. Weakness in joint and muscle strength, joint pains, and a decrease in body coordination are some of the characteristics of aging (Callahan, 2019). Been aware of the disadvantages of getting old allow older adults to take precautions and modify their lifestyle. This helps to reduce the risks faced by older adults and help them live longer and in peace.

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One of the accessible designs that can benefit older adults is improved transportation and mobility systems. Physical health brought by aging negatively affects the mobility and travel of older adults. They are limited in movement, which affects their social relationships leading to reduced opportunities to socialize and been forced to rely on others for assistance for them to get to their destinations, which exposes them to an accident (Lehning, 2012). To ease their mobility, older adults can use automated vehicles or public transport, which are designed to accommodate older adults. Public vehicles can be designed in a way that can bridge between the bus and sidewalk curbs.

A decrease in muscle strength is associated with aging. Due to their decrease in muscle strength, older adults are unable to provide for themselves; this leads to them relying on other people to provide them with basic needs like food, clothes, and shelter. Most older adults from low-income families rely on a pension, government funds for the elderly, and financial support from family or friends, and these sources are irregular, unpredictable, and unreliable (Callahan, 2019). There should be a program put in place to help older adults with finances to carter for their needs and also help them on how to manage those finances and protect them from financial abuse.

Poor eyesight is one of the most common diseases associated with older adults. According to the National Eye Institutes (NEI), older adults represent the majority of the visually impaired population in the United States. Accepting and adapting to other senses like tasting touch and hearing may be a difficulty because they also weaken with age. Lighting is easily accessible and can help and aid the general safety leading to an older adult doing their chores independently.


Older adults are most comfortable and safe while they are at home; hence adjusting their lifestyle to accommodate their physical disadvantages is fundamental (Lehning, 2012). As a community creating awareness and helping older adults in identifying specific challenges helps in making the right adjustment in safeguarding their wellbeing.


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Lehning, A. J. (2012). City governments and aging in place: Community design, transportation and housing innovation adoption. The Gerontologist, 52(3), 345-356.

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