Essay Example on Covid-19: Global Economic Impact & Government Measures

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Date:  2023-10-29


Since the declaration of Covid-19 as a global pandemic, the disease has had significant impacts on the global economy. Most countries across the globe have demonstrated strong leadership by developing and implementing measures that prevent the infection from spreading further in various areas such as the schools, public gatherings, and restaurants. Although the government has taken measures to prevent or control the spread of Covid-19, it continues to pose significant threats or impacts to human resource management. This has crippled and halted operations in most organizations across the country. For instance, the disease has halted most workplace meetings. This has motivated most organizations to navigate through unprecedented situations and find solutions to the various problems that arise across the different areas of operation.

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How COVID-19 Impacts Human Resource Management

Difficulty Adjusting the Current and New Employees

The human resource management usually finds it hard to adjust the current and the new workers to the drastically changed working environment. For instance, shifting the workers to remote working environments and implementing new work procedures and policies. These drastic changes and alterations by human resource management are perceived to have significant impacts on the worker's experience of the personal environment fit. The workers who join an organization whereby the personal environment fit is maximized usually excel, and experience increased level of job satisfaction. However, when the environment that supports achievement of these desires and needs is changed drastically like in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic, the workers usually do not perform well in their daily obligations and also tend to experience reduced work satisfaction. To overcome this challenge, the organizations will have to change to the virtual selection, recruitment, and training methods to avoid the drastic impacts on the workers.

Disproportionate Family Work Effects

The Covid-19 pandemic has left most of the workers disproportionally impacted by the current changes in the working environment. In the recent past, the changes that have been introduced in response to the pandemic have started to create work-family conflicts. The work-family conflict is perceived to be an inter-role conflict through which the role pressure from family and work domains fail to be compatible. Currently, most organizations have created a family-friendly environment that offers several services, such as on-site childcare services. These services usually play a key role in reducing cases of family to work conflict; however, the Covid-19 pandemic denied most workers access to these services, thus triggering the conflict. The Covid-19 pandemic has also made it hard to control work-related conflicts since the employees are forced to work from home where the organization is not able to offer these services.

Disproportionate Impacts on the Workers Alternative Family Structure

The current Covid-19 pandemic has shown increased vulnerabilities in the contemporary family structure involving single and childless workers. In the recent past, the rate of delayed firstborn births and childless workers has been increasing in the United States, causing a societal change that is likely to have significant workplace implications. The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to put the childless individuals and the people with delayed firstborn births at higher risk of loneliness and social exclusion due to the lack of binding ties and lacking the needed motivation. This reduces their performance levels, and in some cases, they tend to give up their current employment positions.

Increased Impact on the Employee’s Mental Health

The Covid-19 pandemic had been linked to numerous stressors that drain the worker's mental health during the pandemic. Some of the main stressors that the workers are likely to develop during the Covid-19 pandemic include confinement and quarantine, gob security and financial loss, and the perception of threat, safety, and the contagion risk. In most cases, these stressors are associated with a high or increased prevalence of signs and symptoms of psychological disorders and distress. These impacts affect the worker's ability’s to perform his or her duties effectively, thus affecting the organization's performance levels. Some of the stressors of Covid-19, such as job security and financial loss, are perceived to have long-lasting effects that may cause business disruption and the collapse of some of the organizations that may take time to recover. The stressors may also cause a spillover impact on the current and future employment market with a possible long-lasting effect on the worker's finances.


Covid-19 pandemic has caused numerous impacts on the global economy, with most courtiers trying to put various measures in place to curb its spread. Since the onset of the pandemic, it has caused several impacts on human resource management, which are observed through the reduced the workers and organization performance level. Some of the impacts of the pandemic on human resource management include, first, difficulty adjusting the current and new employees. Secondly, an increased impact on the employee’s mental health. Thirdly, disproportionate family work effects. Fourth disproportionate impacts on the worker's alternative family structure. However, these impacts can be controlled through various ways, such as enhancing online collaboration through training, encouraging virtual social time, and increasing workplace flexibility.


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