Essay Sample on Achieving Excellence: Setting Goals and Expectations in Nursing Program

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Date:  2023-05-07

Nursing is a noble profession that is accompanied by various demands and expectations. Every professional within the Nursing department is expected to set their goals and expectations within their professions. Setting goals and aspirations and ultimately formulating necessary steps to achieve the goals influences the success of a student in a nursing program.

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Every nursing student who has enrolled in the nursing program should always consider their classroom as the patient's bedside. The student is ever expected to promote privacy, dignity, and secrecy of the patients who they are caring for in the various health centers. The goal for every student is to show a professional attitude to the patients, their families, and other health care team. Collaboration is essential, and in every situation, a student is expected to work in teams. Working in teams prepares a student to understand how to work with a dynamic group of nurses during patient delivery. A student in the program is also expected to apply effective means of communication while interacting with patients and other members of their team. Effective communication facilitates the efficient delivery of instructions and improved interaction with the patients. Regular patient assessments are required, and this encompasses giving and at the same time receiving verbal reports, administering medication, providing emotional support to the patients and also educating patients while striving to make vital decisions on medication.

Since nurses are often exposed to competing priorities, it is essential for every student in the program to prepare emotionally and physically for their well-being. Nurses are engaged with shift work, and to be successful in the program, it is essential to be committed and be ready to be called upon by the physician when the patient requires attention. Patient care is a continuous process, and the work environment is always challenging since nurses meet patients with different attitudes. While preparing to multitask during patient care, the nurse should also be prepared to interact with patients from different cultures and backgrounds. The nurse is expected to understand the values and norms of the patient and how it influences their decisions towards medication. A nurse should hence be able to provide care while respecting the culture of every patient. Professional ethics and accountability is also another expectation for nurses. Every nurse should set a target of delivering care with the set professional standards, and the nurse should always be ready to be accountable for every action during patient delivery.

A nursing student must first pursue and finish a degree in nursing and also be prepared for professional development to enhance their ability for care delivery. Certification is crucial since it guarantees every person in the nursing field the freedom of operation. A nurse without accreditation is not allowed to provide care to a patient since this compromises the expectations in nursing. To be successful in the nursing program, I will learn how the work of a nurse is affected by the quality of care. I will hence be observant of the expectations of the patient and deliver care while taking into consideration the beliefs, values, and morals of the patient. I will also have to be collaborative and communicate effectively with the physicians since they are responsible for the medication of the patient. Finally, I will have to observe the professional care standards as set by the nursing organizations.

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