Essay Sample on Acadia Pharmaceuticals: Pioneering Innovative CNS Therapies Since 1993

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Date:  2023-01-27


Acadia Pharmaceutical Inc. is a biopharmaceutical firm with headquarter in San Diego, California. It is the leading organization which is dedicated to improve the quality health among patients who have issues with their central nervous system. Its business line falls under innovative therapies which assist in developing drugs for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS). The company was established in 1993 by Mark Brann. At that period, the company fully depended on other companies to produce its products (Department). The history of the company is grounded in science and innovation toward CNS research. Additionally, the company has a well hierarchical structure, which is led by Chief Executive Officer, Stephen R. Davis.

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The vision and mission of the company are to become the leading pharmaceutical firm which is committed to the expansion of innovative medicines that enhance the lives of patients. The company is driven by the value of mutual respect, integrity, and trust (Department). These values help the company to create ideas and decisions which aim at strengthening teamwork and enhancing collaboration.

In an organization, a strategic planning process is an essential approach that helps to improve its performance. In Acadia Pharmaceutical Inc., the management team, stakeholders, workers, and customers are parties that participate in a strategic planning process. In this process, the role of the management team is to facilitate all planned activities (Ebener & Smith, 2015). Therefore, they lead other parties in ensuring everything conducted focus on organization goals. Stakeholders ensure every concept planned is put in action by contributing resources toward the project. The role of the workers is to share internal strengths and weaknesses as required in the plan. This technique helps to create a competitive condition for a project. On the other hand, external data is another critical aspect that parties must consider. It is the role of customers to give the company information regarding external performance.

In any planning, a timeline is an essential factor that organizations consider. This helps an organization to gather all resources and communicate early enough. Due to the process, the organization develops a plan that matches with its ability and goals. In Acadia Pharmaceutical Inc., the nature of the plan will determine its timeline (Department). Therefore, based on the requirements, the planning may take up to a year. During this period, there are a lot of activities that take place, such as the establishment of objectives, investment mode, evaluation technique, and execute and periodically reviewing the process.

In most organization, the planning assumption has become a vital concept which is used to deal with uncertainty. Through the process, an organization is able to handle things which are complicated and difficult to predict (Ebener & Smith, 2015). Like other companies, Acadia Pharmaceutical Inc. may face a lot of uncertain issues when developing a plan. Knowledge-based assessment is the most commonly used technique to deal with the issue. This process uses what is known to determine unknown. As such, it easier for the company to identify competitors, market, and technology. It is the mandate of the managerial team to conduct the plan assumption.

In the company, decisions are made by top officials. When making a decision, the Chief Executive Officer leads the group. In some case, the management may engage stakeholders, especially if a decision has a lot of influence in the running of the organization.


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