Why Do You Do What You Do ?Walmart Company

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Walmart is a corporation which was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton.Walton believed in 10 rules that ensured Walmart success includes ,commitment, sharing of profit with associates by treating them as partners, motivating this partner, efficient communication to partners, appreciating all that partners do, celebrating the success, listening to every individual in the company,exceeding to customers' expectations ,control of expenses better than the competitors and finally, swimming upstream through finding one's niche the other way. ("10 Rules for Building a Business", 2018). The company is currently the largest retailer shop in the world where it has employed over two million workers and has a high revenue generation. Walmart continues to lead in corporate philanthropy, sustainability and providing employment opportunity. It maintains customer satisfaction through ensuring that the services are fast, easy and enjoyable. It has set some vision and mission that ensures that it maintains a successful plan that ensures the company achieves competitive advantage. The company has also set some future goal through ensuring that it competes with technology and win with people this is achieved through ensuring the company is people led and technology empowered. The leaders in Walmart company stresses an attitude of getting the job done. Walmart leadership integrates values of Sam Walton ,the founder of the organization through integrating organizational culture that improve employees morale in achieving positive implications. The decisions in the company manifest to the company's mission. Thus, the company's success is contributed by competitive advantage generic strategy, vision and mission statement ,and the intensive growth strategies. The organizational structure of Walmart determines its business activities. It imposes some limits that determine how this organization addresses its problems and how people respond to workplace challenges.

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Walmart Organization chart


The CEO and the president of Walmart are known as Doug Mcmillon. His main role includes improving customer priority through enhancing customer service priority that is achieved through employee development and training. He helps the entire team in the organization to realize efficiency and effectiveness gain insight of values, mission, and vision of this company. He also oversees the overall performance of the company and ensures the execution of the company's long and short terms plans.

Chairman Of Board of Director

Mr. Gregory Penner the chairman of the board of director is responsible for the company's daily operation and routine reporting to the Chief Executive Officer. He acts as the second in command at the company. The chairman, CEO and other associates such as directors are in charge of the annual review and approving of corporate objectives and goals which are relevant to their compensations and evaluating their overall performance. The key role of Walmart chairman is to direct the organization's affairs in meeting legitimate interest of the stakeholders through the establishment of vision, values, and mission exercises.

Board of Directors

Walmart board of directors includes Chairman of Walmart board of director Mr.Gregory Penner,Sarah Friar, Carla Harris, Marissa Mayer, Steven Reinemund, Robson Walton, James Cash, Timothy Flynn, Tom Hanton, Doug McMillon, Kelvin System, and Steuart Walton and many others. This board of directors has free and full access to associates and officers of the inside and outside company advisors. This board of directors conducts an annual self-evaluation that helps Walmart company to determine an effective performance of the committees. Board of directors reviews Walmart's strategic long terms plans and core issues that this company may face in future. The board ensures that earnings, sales and important financial development in the company is being provided to shareholders and investment community by the management. The board of directors ensures that they are committed to ensuring Walmart shareholders, and associates conduct their business with high integrity and ensuring that they achieve the company's goals,vision, and mission.

CEO Walmart International

This is a position that is one of the Walmart's fast-growing segment of overall operations .The CEO Madam Judith Mckenna leads more than 777000 associates and 6,200 retail units across twenty-seven countries. She is in charge of creating policies and drive productivity which enables retailer's further investment. She is also in charge of all e-commerce operation of Walmart international. Unlike other Walmart international leaders, she has proved to be well prepared in transitions that result in strategic vision, operation savvy, and leadership.

CEO and President of Walmart US

Mr.Greg Foran is the CEO and President of Walmart US. He is responsible for United states Walmart branches overall performance and in ensuring effective strategic goals and directions are achieved .He heads over 4600 Walmart stores In the US.

Vice Presidents

Walmart is comprised of numerous senior and executive vice presidents. They include Andy Barron who serves as an executive vice president of general merchandise and soft lines of Walmart US. Brett Biggs serves as executive president and CFO of Walmart. Steve Bratspies is the Chief Merchandising Officer of Walmart U.S. Ashley Buchanan serves as the chief merchandising officer and executive vice president of Sam's Club. Pedro Farah is the treasures and executive Vice president .Maybeth Hays is the executive vice president of wellness, consumable and health Walmart US. Mark Ibbotson serves as the Executive Vice Presidents of Central operations US Walmart. Richard Mayfield is the executive vice president and CO Walmart international. This vice presidents report to the CEO and are in charge of overall business operations at Walmart.This Vice president heads all the Project management operation of this company.

CEO Walmart E-Commerce US

This position is held by Marc Lore who was appointed in the year 2016 September .His main role includes to accelerate Walmart e-commerce company in the US and help United State Walmart to reach out to its customer. He leads Walmart.com and Jet.com which offers a low price to its customers and offer the best shopping experience.

CEO/ President of Sam's Club

John Furner is the CEO and president of the Sam's Club. He oversees business operations of Sam's Club with the help of his vice presidents. He is in charge of all products flows and distribution centers of all Sam's club stores.

Project Managers

There are numerous project managers in Walmart branches around the world. Their role involves developing project plans and project management best practices. They are in charge of building roadmaps and leading the development of e-commerce programs and projects that are said to be complex. They are also in charge of supporting geographic offshore development, distributed teams, and third-party vendors. Demonstrates an up to date project and program expertise management and applies this to execution, development, and improvement of necessary action plans. They provide support to business implementation solution and finally models compliance that is in line with company procedures and policies and supports values, ethic standard, integrity vision and mission of the company.

Project Coordinator

There are several project coordinators in Walmart where every branch has a project coordinator. They work closely with project manager to eliminate any blockers where they prepare comprehensive action plans that include timeframes, resources, and budgets for projects. They perform tasks such as coordinating, risk management and scheduling through maintaining projects handling of any financial queries and project documentation in the company. The project coordinator has a role to play in realizing the project mandate that encompasses strategy creation process for project management that helps reshape Walmart organization culture that is more focused on management project that is consistent. A clear vision of the strategies seeks to identify how to reach for the vision in the long or short term .This manager is responsible for ensuring that he supports project management that ensures great consistency and accountability.


The associates of Walmart company are guided by core values that include, teamwork, communication, accountability, excellence respect, trust, and integrity. Walmart key leaders have a responsibility of creating targets that ensure strategy development which provides a specific guide to the objectives and goals.Walmart leaders adopt a generic strategy which offers cost leadership where it focuses on maintaining low prices of services and goods.This strategy involves determining features of core product which features delivering products with minimum resources and attaining high customer demand. (Billig & Cook, 2017) .This company is known to maintain low prices throughout its operations. This leaders also applies intensive strategies in their operation which includes market development that involves entry to the new market other than those that company has. The company's Product development which entails offering new products to the market. Lastly, the leaders encourage and adopt market penetration which involves the sale of more services and goods to the target market. Key leaders need to understand how mission, vision, and values interact with each other so that this organization can benefit from a successful strategic and well-designed plan that will help in achieving a high competitive advantage. The success of this company is basically based on the effective application of the organizational strategies that seek to reach the company's mission and vision. Strong leadership and passion will drive to the success of Walmart into achieving high-profit impact.


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Billig, B., & Cook, G. (2017). Airline operations and management - a management textbook (p. 97). New York: Routledge Publishers.

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