Essay on Psychology Degree: Future Direction Plan

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Date:  2022-06-04


To begin with, a psychology degree is an important program that plays a critical role in helping different students acquire a broad array of interpersonal skills that are put to use in various sales as well as marketing options. On the same note, the course helps learners learn effective written communication skills, creative thinking skills, as well as comprehending individual human behavior. With that said, one can secure a good job in different fields, such as career counseling, rehabilitation specialization, and case management. It is noteworthy that various employers value psychology skills such as the capability to speak well as well as communicate appropriately. The reason is that the course above helps students improve their understanding of people and their character. In this case, learning in social psychology, communications, and personality are beneficial.

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After graduating with a psychology degree, I am planning to look for employment opportunities in four fields. First of all, I will like to be an advertising agent. The reason is that the psychology course helped me to acquire persuasion skills. It is evident that persuasion is a fundamental topic in psychology, and this is a significant aspect of advertising. I understand that careers in this sector involve researching the target market for a particular product as well as creating advertising materials grounded in psychology. Therefore, to become successful in this sector, one must look for ways to gain considerable experience. In case of an internship opportunity, I will take it because it is a good way to acquire experience. Additionally, this plays a vital role in helping fresh graduates find professional mentors as well as create paramount networking relationships in the field.

Secondly, I will like to work in human services and mental health field. Mainly, I love dealing with people as well as associating with them, especially in cases of need. Therefore, becoming a psychiatric or mental health technician is my priority. I am confident that the psychology course was of great importance in preparing me to undertake any job in this industry. I understand that I have to work under the supervision of a licensed clinical psychologist to become competent and acquire enough experience in the field. Some of the job duties in this sector consisted of helping individuals with basic daily needs, carrying out related case management tasks, teaching life skills, not forgetting conducting applied therapy sessions.

With various interpersonal skills such as excellent communication, I am planning to become a sales representative. Specifically, the psychology course helped me to acquire considerable skills required in the sector mentioned above. I understand that I have the capability of speaking well and communicating effectively. In simple terms, the course helped me to comprehend human beings and the way they behave toward different life scenarios.


Finally, yet importantly, my plans to become a career counselor are valid because I acquired considerable skills from the psychology course. After graduating with a degree in this area, I am confident that I can take part in helping different individuals select a career. On the same note, I am in a position of assisting people who are in the process of changing jobs. In this field, an individual with a psychology degree can offer vocational rehabilitation to people returning to the workforce. Precisely, I am planning to enter the job market, and I am confident that my course prepared me enough to find a job in one of the fields above.

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