My Most Embarrassing Moment Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-28

Bad days and embarrassing moments often come in each and everyone's life. To some extent, they happen at the most unexpected times of our lives. I have too faced a bad and embarrassing moment at a certain time of my life, on that fateful day, many things came my way. Besides, I was faced with several difficulties on that same day. A series of embracing and terrible experienced occurred and they were really disappointing. It was on a rainy day. My parents and my younger siblings had attended a wedding ceremony after which they were expected to come and watch me perform in the national science club competition. I had prepared a biology exhibit, and I was confident enough, it would emerge the best exhibition among others.

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I did not accompany them to the celebration reason being I was left at home to prepare for my presentation. However, I was instructed to wait for my uncle who was to come and pick me up to our school amphitheater, where the exhibitions were to take place. It was around ten-thirty in the morning when our doorbell rang and it was my auntie and my cousins, I wondered why she came instead of my uncle. I honored them by asking them to sit in my drawing room where I used to practice for the competition. Also, I had planned to present to them my exhibit for a pre-judging. At the moment I was 100% confident that my exhibit was among the best and no one could prove me otherwise.

As usual, I rushed to the kitchen to make coffee and some pancakes for them. I was in a hurry since I wanted to show off to them my exhibit. When I began making the pancakes, I forgot that I had left the milk boiling on the cooker, it poured, and that gave me a rough time, bearing in mind I needed to hurry up so that I could not be late for the performance. It was a sad moment, but I kept my eye on watch not to mess anymore in the kitchen. That did not break my heart nor was I discourage, I wiped the tea and served the snacks. At around one hour to midday, I completed the task, and I prepared to perform to my aunt before going to the main performance.

On finishing the exhibit, my cousins were very overwhelmed by what I had finally managed to create. Moreover, my aunt added a complement to me by saying that I had done something beyond her expectation. So she was very eager to see me perform for the judges. While they sipped the coffee, I rushed to my room to prepare; I was careful on my dress code because I wanted to look presentable for both the judges and the audience. I did not waste much time, in the dressing room. I instructed my cousin to pick the tools for my exhibit and take them to the car. By quarter past midday, we had all set off to the center of science exhibition, which was 150 kilometers from my home. In one hour time, we had all arrived at the center.

Everyone in the compound seemed to be in a hurry and busy. No one was idling, apart from a man who had sat on a chair next to the exit door of the amphitheater. We hanged around the school compound which was behind the amphitheater with my cousin and other classmates who come to support and cheer me up as I performed. My best friend peter advice that I should go to one of the empty room and perfect my exhibit but I hesitated because I was over confident that I had done an excellent practice before. After a period of like one hour, it was almost my time to perform and so I moved near the center of performance. We entered and immediately my name was called, I courageously stood up; my cousin accompanied me as she had carried my exhibition tools.

I had begun the presentation with much energy until when it was time to present the practical part of it. It happened that my cousin had not brought all the requirements for the exhibit. I panicked but the judges instructed me to go on with what I had carried. They also complimented that my talk was among the best. I did not give up but deep down I knew that things would not go as I expected. I gained more courage and confident and went on with my performance. The practical did not take long, within a period of ten minutes, I was through with the presentation and I left the stage with a smile. Everyone applauded and that brought my sureness back.


Two more students performed after which, the judges stood to announce the winners of the competition. Before the first position winner was called, I had already stood because I was sure that was my position, I had even begun to wave at my parent and friends as a sign of show off to them. The first position was not awarded to me nor the second and the third too. I felt very embarrassed at the moment, I did not wait for the rest of the students but I sadly walked towards the parking lot. For sure it was my most embarrassing moment that I will never forget.

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