Benefits of Extended Public School Systems

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Date:  2021-03-15

Extended public school systems involving putting in additional school days beyond the normal and scheduled school days. Alteration of the traditional and normal school calendar has a significant impact on the school staff, the students themselves and their parents. The extended system impacts on teacher compensation, transport arrangements, family plans and schedules, curriculum, pedagogy among others (Kaplan, 1). A normal school day in America goes for approximately six and a half hours. However, due to one or two reasons to be discussed later in this essay, the majority of public schools seem to have prolonged days and holiday tuitions. But what good is associated with this system and what are its implications? This essay will focus on the benefits accrued to this reformed system while at the same time identifying its possible complications. Subsequently, it will address the possible mitigation impacts to solve these complications. This is to ensure that the reformed extended system brings forth a win-win situation to all the stakeholders involved.

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To start off, extended systems in public schools has gone a long way in improving and enhancing teaching and at the same time boosting achievement. By extension of the daily school hours to more than the normal 6.5 hours is a sign of positivity towards enhancing teaching and boosting improvement amongst the students. Similarly, extension of school days to more than 180 days is a positive sign that both the students and teachers are ready to enhancing academic performance. The result is always that students in public schools perform well as compared to their private and home schooling counterparts. American schools in Colorado, New York, Massachusetts and Tennessee have much adopted this reformed system, and they have been doing well regarding performance.

Second, the extended public school has improved enrichment efforts and improved academic performance (Hossler, 1). This system has created more personalized mode of instruction and provided an avenue for students to have a wider voice in school programs. To add on that, teachers have more and ample time to work with their fellow colleagues and in turn interpret data on how keen their students grasp the taught materials. This is allowed the teachers identify the weak students that are in need of academic help. According to the national center for Training and learning, extended times expose students to the outside world beyond their classrooms which in turn nurtures their skills and interests that they are bound to pursue in their future lives.

Moving forward, extended public school systems have helped in reducing idleness coupled with the holidays and free time away from school. This system has helped students avoid malicious and dubious activities like abusing drugs, prostitution, robbery associated with peer pressure. Extended school systems engage the students minds, and they are likely not to indulge in the vices above. Extended school systems in theft and drug abuse vices areas like The Bronx in New York and Compton in Los Angeles has gone a long way in averting the school going youths from engaging in such.

As it is always said, every action must have a reaction. Extended public school systems do not shy away from problems associated with it. However, much-extended systems benefit the students and teachers it also has its own complications. It has affected family, student and teacher schedules in one way or the other. For example, a family may have plans for a vacation during the holidays. The extended system may disrupt this by having one of the family members in session at a time when the vacation is due. That aside, it has also had an impact on teachers compensation. The school staff has to be remunerated for working overtime. Ultimately, the strain of paying the staff falls on the parents who are forced to pay extra tuition fees to cater for this program. This has proved to be a major complication with this system as parents are forced to choose whether to support it by agreeing to it terms and conditions or shun it altogether. The issue of transport arrangements also befalls the parents for day scholars. Parents are forced to part with large amounts to make the program a success. To wrap it up, this system exposes students to the high level of straining in the name of academic improvement. Students do not adequate time to interact with their relatives and families, and this affects them mentally.

However, these complications can be addressed and solved so that the benefits of this system outweigh its costs. I would recommend that all the stakeholders involved in this system come together and get a way forward to create a win-win situation. From the word go, parents and guardians should maintain a positive attitude towards this system. Parents should understand that the main focus of extended school systems in public schools is for the enhancement and improvement of their children in terms of academic and general performance. By doing so, they will be in a position to support this system both mentally and financially. Similarly, families should always strive to set their personal schedules in such a way that it does not conflict with the extended system put in place. Students should also develop a positive attitude towards this system as it aims at enhancing their academic and overall performance.

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