Essay on Online Training Course: A Step Towards Suicide Prevention in Youth

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Date:  2023-01-26

Suicide has become a prevalent issue facing youth. For this reason, it is important to understand the root causes as well as the most appropriate interventions that can help to address this pressing problem. Following the increase in suicide cases, it has always been my professional development goal to contribute to minimizing or eradicating cases of suicide among the youth.

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The online training course on suicide prevention has, therefore played a significant role in helping me achieve my professional development goal mentioned above. Through the course, I have learned essential insights that aid in understanding the causes and the preventive measures that can be put in place to regulate suicidal thoughts among the youth. One of the most critical aspects to note is that suicide has been often linked to mental health. In this case, it means that understanding the mental wellness of the youth can be a key factor in realizing the tendency of developing suicidal thoughts among the group. Also, it is essential to understand the key factors that may create psychological torture, which, in turn, cultivate suicidal thoughts. In this course, I have realized that the environment and the peer groups that youth participate in play a vital role in affecting their mental health. For instance, some youths may face peer pressure, which in turn makes them feel unworthy. Others may be living in a very harsh environment either as a result of poverty, violence, lack of love, or rejection by the community. Consequently, substance abuse has also been linked to mental illness among the youth, which may also be a leading factor in suicide cases. These scenarios may place the affected youths into a psychological torture, which in turn leads to suicidal thoughts as a solution to their problem.

Following the core factors that often contribute to cases of suicide among the youth, the courses then presented various interventions that can help to prevent these cases from happening. One of the best strategies that are vital in achieving my professional development goal is by initiating a counseling program among the youth. It has been noted that when faced with a psychological disturbance, most of the youths lack the relevant guidance and in turn, end up choosing suicide as the solution. While stress is inevitable, it is also important to put measures that ensure that it does not hurt the victim. In this case, a guidance and counseling programs are essential in not only helping the youth to overcome stress but also helps in assessing their mental health. Additionally, providing adequate counseling will help the youth to understand and embrace the danger of substance abuse not only in driving suicidal though but also in affecting their health.


This course has therefore provided very viral insights that will help to minimize ad eradicate cases of suicide among the youth as one of my professional development goals. Particularly, the courses have equipped me with the concept that the youth often seek suicide as a solution to problems such as substance abuse, rejection, peer pressure, or mental health. It has also been noted that a lack of proper guidance leaves these people with no other choice but ending their lives. In this case, establishing a guidance and counseling program that seeks to understand their problems and help them navigate through these problems will be an efficient strategy towards suicide prevention.

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