Rhetorical Essay on Student Truancy

Paper Type:  Thesis statement
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  520 Words
Date:  2022-07-25

Part I: Revised Thesis Statement

Should parents support the government in alleviating student truancy in schools, because they are in a better position to monitor and take corrective measures against such behaviors?

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Underlying assumption: The government is playing a satisfactory role in trying to alleviate student truancy.

Part II: Rhetorical Situation Assessment


I hope to eliminate the problem of student truancy from the community.

Target Audience

Parents will be responsible for making the change. The government is likely to be challenged to increase its support in alleviating the problem of student truancy. Teachers may also be drawn into the issue to help in combating bullying at schools (Kerr, 2015).


I will write about the Jonesboro, GA community. Student truancy is a major problem in the region. The problem is caused by chronic illnesses such as Leukemia and social issues resulting from family matters such as bullying, relocation and the need to nurse sick parents (Kerr, 2015).

Part III: Appeals of Argument


With parents as my target audience, I will incorporate parenting values. Parents will always wish the best for their children. Notably, some of the emotional considerations that can be taken into account are love, pity, anger, fear, and affection. Love and affection will be felt by ensuring that the audience acknowledges the existent connection with their children.

Pity will be felt by illustrating the plight of the unskilled and jobless student in a vivid manner to the audience. Fear will felt in ensuring that the audience is made to feel in the place of the unskilled and jobless student. Anger will be felt in making the audience realize their consequences for not helping, in spite of being in a better position to support them.


I will deliver the intended points based on my experiences within the community. Parents have never known that they need to partner with teachers in ensuring that student welfare is taken good care of (Zionts et al., 2016). Consequently, some parents may never know if their children are victims of bullying at school. Since parents want the best for their children, and I also want the best for them, ensuring that they have access to mandatory education will be a common need for both of us.


I will claim the current situation in the community and support it by making comparisons with the neighboring towns, especially those doing things differently. I will also demonstrate the impacts of doing things differently, such as direct parent involvement with the state of youngsters within the community. For example, "The lack of parents' participation in student affairs leads to an increase in the levels of truancy." Logos is essential in averting the fallacy of name-calling by labeling parent with negative connotations and blaming them for the current situation in the community(Kurtis, 2018).


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