Essay on Improving Writing Power: Language Power Tutorials for Students

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Language power can assist the students in controlling their writing. There are several diagnostic activities which are meant to allow students and instructions in pinpointing certain areas of improvement and strengths through the help of the instructors. Language power tutorials provide new tools and strategies in improving and understanding vocabulary usage, style, and grammar. The instructors work towards integrating tutorials into the class lessons whether the students work on their own based on the language power. This makes the students acquire a great understanding concerning their options as writers giving them individual choices in communicating with the audience in achieving their goals. Tackling problem tutorial provides the college with students opportunity in uncovering what they seem to know already or discovering, and they get to learn through reviewing certain new materials and also analyze them in their writing. Students require to use the punctuations in their writing through working on the sentence boundaries. Through the use of language power, students are capable of evaluating their language and how it has developed based on the writing aspect. The students require language power in their writing or the grammar course, whereby they can use a reader or a stand-alone text. This solves the problems to all students despite that they have different needs; hence, they usually work on the tutorials that are capable of meeting their needs. Punctuations such as semicolons, colons, and quotation marks are highly regarded in writing by the college students and learning them enables them to tackle several problems that they may come along during their grammar course.

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In some cases, the students are assumed to have access to technology where they can use editing and revising advice. In this context, the students are therefore advised to use the electronic tools which are of much help in their writing styles. Ferris has thus incorporated sure authentic student writing by incorporating writing that is well published, which has the power to increase the text authenticity. The application activities advised to be used by the students includes various steps for editing purpose, which is based on the grammatical forms such as punctuations. These are capable of heightening and promoting the student's metacognition.

These are potent marks of punctuations that consist of several uses, and students use them in their writing. The semicolons are meant to help students in connecting the ideas that are closely related whereby a style mark that appears to be stronger than a comma is required. When students tend to use semicolons in their writing effectively, they tend to make their book appear more sophisticated. Several rules are necessary when using commas. For instance, a semicolon used in linking up a single sentence to two independent clauses which are closely related based on thought. In this case, where the commas are used in joining two ideas contained in a sentence, they make them be given equal rank.

Some of the students can acquire this by using the word processor, pen, or a pencil in their writing. A semicolon can be used between two independent clauses which are mainly connected by the transitional phrases or conjunctive adverbs. For example, However, students choose to write; they are allowed to make their own decisions; as a result, most people tend to swear by their methods of writing. A semicolon can also be used between lists of items whereby the items contain commas. Semicolons can be used in avoiding any confusion when one has a complicated list of things. For example: On a Harley motorcycle, my grandfather and his poodle have visited San Francisco, California; Anchorage, Alaska; and Tijuana, Mexico. When students are using semicolons, they should not capitalize on all the words that follow the comma unless in the case whereby the word is a proper noun. In their writing, the students are highly advised not to go scattering the semicolons, and they should only save them for their specific use.

Colons are powerful punctuations marks that are highly required in writing, and the students regard them. The colon is known as two dots that are equal in size, and they are usually centered on the same vertical lines. The colon punctuation mark can be used between independent clauses whereby the second sentence is meant to give an explanation, paraphrasing, illustrations, or in the context where the first sentence is expanded. Example: She acquired what she worked for: she earned that particular promotion. Several rules are followed in using a colon in writing as part of the punctuation marks. Rule number one state that a colon should be used in introducing an item in various items. In this context, the question should not be capitalized unless it appears as a proper noun. For example, She knows what to do: practice.

You may be required to clean many clothes: dresses, skirts, bed sheets, and trousers. Another rule is that a student should avoid using a colon before any list mainly where it follows a verb directly or even a proposition which would ordinarily require no punctuation in the given sentence. The colons are usually used in writing by the students since they have the power to draw any attention concerning the words that follow it despite that it consists of a lot of other uses. For instance, in the context where the colons are used in joining the independent clauses, the second one is meant to give a further explanation of the first one. Example: Life is like a carton of chocolate: no one knows what they are going to eat. The second sentence is therefore required to start in lower case or an upper case where the word is a proper noun.

Quotation marks are punctuation marks that are made up of inverted commas which were initially referred to as speech marks or the quotes. They are usually used in writing by the students in pairs in marking the text speech section or a quotation, unusual word or a phrase. The quotation marks are used as a pair comprising opening and closing marks. The quotation marks can either be single or double("..." or '...'). There are several uses of quotation marks in writing that includes an indication of movie, book, or ship titles. For example The most popular book of all time, "Harry Potter," it has sold over four hundred million copies. Italics can also be used instead of the quotations. The marks can also be used in quoting a particular piece of text from a specific source.

Punctuations marks are the primary essentials in writing, and they are highly required to use by the students in tackling any problem that they may come across in their grammar course. The semicolons, colons, and quotations marks have a different purpose that they serve in the writing context. Through using tutorials, students are capable of improving their language power, and they can, therefore, put it into proper writing.

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