Problem Solution Essay on School's Computer Library

Paper Type:  Problem solving
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Date:  2022-07-04


The school lab has different facilities that are meant to support the learners integrate technology in their studies. There are the student stations, where the computers to be used by the students are stored. The operating systems are supposed to be kept and maintained by the information technology team. The other facility is the management station, where the computer teacher works from, to ensure that the students' computers are working as required because the station has access to the server and other systems. Also, the lab has a server, which controls all the machines in the room. A switch is also there, where all the computers are connected.

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However, these facilities have not been assisting the learners as needed, due to several problems. One, the access is limited since the lab is away from the classes and shared by a large number of students. As a result, students do not use the lab whenever they want. The lab room layout is also rigid and fixed which does not offer the needed space for learning. It is therefore not possible to conduct real work in the room. The number of computer teachers in the school is less, indicating that finding a teacher to the couch and direct a student at a personal level is rare. The issue of viruses is also there, where learners have lost important files, for example, those of projects. Finally, broken computers have not been replaced, which has led to students sharing, an aspect that hinders a comfortable learning environment.

The problems have led to the learners not gaining the knowledge and skills gotten from computer studies discipline, leading to the production of half-baked computer literates. Also, the parents are forced to pay for computer classes for the learners during the holiday, which is terrible as they expect that the school to offer the skills. With the layout of the lab, there have been accidents since the cables distract the students easily leading to falling.

The problems could be solved by considering several factors. On limited access, the number of labs should be increased, and their use categorized in classes so that the learners use the facility whenever they want. The room should also be spacious so that the learners research comfortable and have a suitable area of writing reports and others things. Besides, the number of computer teachers should be increased, to enable the students to ask questions and seek guidance. At the moment, the teacher does not attend to the learners individually, which leaves most stranded, especially where the fellow learners cannot help. The information technology department should also work on viruses, to ensure that the backed up files are not lost. Even though this is not always easy, the machines could be run through mac and Linux, where the viruses cases could be reduced. This would avoid repetition of assignments due to the files getting lost. Finally, the facilities in the room should continuously be checked. By that, the broken machines would be replaced, which would solve the issue of sharing. By that, the students would study in a comfortable surrounding and thus acquire knowledge and skills in the discipline.


Zang, H. (2013). Intelligent Sensor Networks Based Computer Lab Management System. Advanced Materials Research, 838-841, pp.3256-3259.

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