Essay on Educational Leaders' Roles Changed by Technology: Challenges and Opportunities

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Date:  2023-04-24

I strongly agree that technology has changed the roles of educational leaders. For instance, before educational technology, the functions of education leaders were to ensure that the curriculum is followed, monitored, and controlled the educational activities (Joseph, Kearney and Wilson, 2019, pp.7). With the emergence of technology, it is the role of leaders to ensure that they acquire technological knowledge to facilitate adaptability and acceptance to learners and at the same time, help learners achieve their learning goals.

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I agree that technology increases the performance of learners. Through the use of technology, learners have accessibility to variety of resources that may not be physically available in classrooms. The online library consists of tutors that assist learners in allocating specific resources on the internet. Moreover, students can consult the teacher when and wherever he/she is despite the distance between them. However, this technique does not applies to students who have no accessibility to the internet.

I'm afraid I have to disagree that technology will reduce the number of problems in today's education system. As much as it is help in improving the quality of education, technology has its disadvantages such as insufficient technology knowledge among the teachers (Panjaburee and Srisawasdi, 2018, pp.491).

School Principals as Technology Navy

I'm afraid I have to disagree that the principals and teachers are equipped to track the changes in education in the future. The reason is that technology is not constant and thus very dynamic. New devices are created now and then, which have different impacts on technology.

I strongly agree that teachers and principals require extra training for future classrooms. Not only additional training but also constant training to ensure update knowledge of the diverse technology is well deployed in the school.

I strongly agree that continuous learning sessions about technology in learning institutions are necessary for school leaders and principals.Future School Paradigm

The future paradigm based on the technology will affect the learning outcomes such the future programs that will be more of students centered than teacher-centered.

I strongly agree that in the future, the learning system will invest in applications and software since the recent generation is more familiar with the technology.


Panjaburee, P. and Srisawasdi, N., 2018. The opportunities and challenges of mobile and ubiquitous learning for future schools: A context of Thailand. Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal, 10(4), pp.485-506.

Joseph, B., Kearney, K.B. and Wilson, C.L., 2019. The Role of Educational Leaders: A Case for Inclusion in Institutions of Higher Education. Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership, 22(3), pp.3-15.

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