Essay on Consumers' Pursuit of Sustainable Food Products: A New Era in the Food Industry

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Date:  2023-03-28

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The contemporary is witnessing a change in the food industry. As Grunert (2017) argues, you, the consumers no longer only desire tasty and health conscious foods, but also want sustainable and genuine food stuff. The increased consumer awareness and concern for environmentally friendly food products, often called sustainable products is metamorphically becoming a vital item in food production today (Lewandowska, Witczak, & Kurczewski (2017). The food manufacturer today has to make it a central concern the consumers desire to save and reuse products, hence the necessity for them to become eco-friendly and sustainable. The success of Feeding Our Heroes Inc. will stem from its consumer- interests driven culture and business morals that put health and social concerns at the core of its operations in contrast with many food businesses that are primarily profit driven.

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Slide # 2 History of the Company

Feeding Our Heroes Inc. will be private limited co. operating in a franchise-business model. The first branch will be opened at a busy international airport and with time, in adherence to it expansion strategy it will open other business branches in other countries. Franchises opened in other places under Feeding Our Heroes Inc. will operate independently as limited liability companies, albeit the head office, will retain the concept, recipe and intellectual material rights.

2.1 Mission: Feeding Our Heroes Inc. mission is to become a worldwide eco-friendly and healthy fast foods restaurant by creating consumer awareness on healthy and sustainable consumption.

2.2 Vision: Our vision is to create over 50,000 employments worldwide for poor job prospect individuals in a fashion similar to that of social enterprises like De Koekfabriek.

Slide # 3 Nature of Business

Feeding Our Heroes Inc. will operate in direct consumer retail model. In this model, the retail businesses will sell its products directly to consumers travelling through international airports. The company will focus mainly on fast foods in particular cookies sandwiches and soups.

Slide # 4 External and Internal Environmental Factors -Competition

The main external factor that will influence the operations of Feeding our Heroes Inc. is rival restaurants within airport proximities. Snack and fast food consumption are increasingly becoming a global trend. In China for example Fast Food (FF) restaurants have remarkably surged with KFC chain establishing 4260 locations, a similar fashion witnessed in the US where the same chain has 4618 locations (Wang, Wang, Xue, & Qu 2016). Political landscape and government legislations pose significant threat in business establishment in foreign countries. These are some of the hurdles Feeding Our Heroes Inc. will have to grapple with.

Slide #5 Change Management, Managing Problems Facing the Business

In order to effectively meet the diverse consumer demands it will face, Feeding Our Heroes Inc. will employ consumer-oriented market. Mitigating such risks as negative cashflows and poor profits due to complexities of pricing in different countries will be done through flexible pricing that will ensure both business competitiveness and consumer purchasing power in different nations.

Slide #6 SWOT Analysis


Feeding Our Heroes Incorporation's main strength in the competitive fast food industry is that it will operate in a segmented market. It unique and strategic location targeting airport travelers in particular will wade off some competition.


Managing complexities inherent with franchise-business models might become a challenge during a rapid growth phase. Items such as ever fluctuating currencies will make pricing in different countries a big issue.

Slide # 7 Summary and Recommendations

Feeding Our Heroes Inc. will be entering a very saturated food business. However, it will beat competitive challenge with its unique customer target and strategic business location. Moreover, the business is likely to experience rapid global growth given its social incentive to create jibs for poor job prospect persons in the countries it will be operational in.

Slide #8 Closing

Thank you for your time.


Grunert, K. G. (2017). Consumer trends and new product opportunities in the food sector. Wageningen Academic Publishers.

Lewandowska, A., Witczak, J., & Kurczewski, P. (2017). Green marketing today-a mix of trust, consumer participation and life cycle thinking. Management, 21(2), 28-48.

Wang, Y., Wang, L., Xue, H., & Qu, W. (2016). A review of the growth of the fast food industry in China and its potential impact on obesity. International journal of environmental research and public health, 13(11), 1112.

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